A Video Chat to Build Confidence in the Dressing Room!

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  1. I loved your video! Speaking as an over 60 dressmaker, I cannot tell you how many women bring in a badly fitting garment and then refuse to spend a little extra to have it altered so it is more flattering! Fit is everything, no matter what the label says. Speaking as the same over 60 woman who has gone from a 25 inch waist on her wedding day over 45 years ago to let’s just say a somewhat ample lady now, I never worried what size I was because I always felt I DESERVED to feel good. You are sooo right, wear a smile no matter what and you will always look your best ?. But then, that’s why I love your blog?

    1. Thank you, Gloria! It is important we learn to dress and love where we are right now. Once I learned that, I began to lose weight and get myself in shape…funny how it works that way.

  2. Great video! It took me a few years to get past the size label. I have clothes that fit TODAY which are 4 different sizes according to the “label”. Yet, I’m not 4 sizes TODAY. Logical??

  3. Great post. Due to a medical problem, for the past year I have not been able to shop like I always did before and instead have had to order online. Fortunately I have always been a Chico’s lady so I now just order online from Chico’s. I have very seldom had to return anything because it did not fit or I did not like how it looked on me. My closet is probably 95% Chico’s because their clothes run true to size. I do look forward though to the day when I can venture out again going in and out of different stores taking an arm load of clothes into the dressing rooms checking for fit. I will be like a kid in the candy store.

    Can we subscribe to your magazine?

    1. I hate to hear that you’ve had medical problems, Esther…I can appreciate how you will look forward to shopping again. Chico’s is one brand where I can really trust their sizing. Make sure you join me next week….I will have a couple of posts right up your alley! I hope your recovery is going well. If you are speaking of the magazine I am editor for…it is online..http://sawoman.com/ That is easier than waiting for a hard copy!

  4. Maybe I once cared about labels when I was in my twenties or thirties, but what I care about now is whether the clothes fit and flatter the body I currently have. Really, sizes are all over the place; there seems to be little consistency. I have learned to grab several sizes of the same garment to try on because I never know how it will fit. If my husband says, “You look great in that!”, who cares about the size?

  5. I never get depressed over labels. I wear a different size in different brands of clothing. For the articles of clothing (often a sheath dress) that I need to go up a size, I take my biggest scissors, grab hold of that label that’s trying to rough my mellow and cut that sucker off. I think the act of cutting off the size label is very cathartic. Another option is to buy Chico’s clothes and you will always wear a single digit size. Any single digit will do for one’s self-esteem 🙂

    1. I love the idea of just cutting it right out of there! That’s taking control of your clothing! Good job, Nina.

  6. Labels are not an issue for me but sizes being all over the place are. I cannot order clothing online. Must try on. I need a line item in my budget for QVC clothing returns!

  7. Hello Pamela ??‍♀️
    I hope you’re having a great day!
    Thank you for sharing the video.
    I would also like to say that what is most important is to have positive attributes,like positive attitude and perseverance,be focused,compassionate,trustworthy,
    self acceptance-Polonius had it exactly right when he said “To thine own self be true.”
    Like I always say to you Pamela, keep smiling for it nourishes our bodies.

    Blessings always,

  8. I used to feel terrible about sizing. But size is just a number and there is no standard sizing for women like there is for men. You made an important point about how the garment fits you, not the tag on the inside. Because I am large chested, i have a terrible time with fit and blouses, so I pretty much have to try them on. I also have large upper arms ( thanks grandma) and that often affects the fit for me too. I am so self conscious of gaps across the chest and tight arms. I do love Chico’s for their sizing! One other thing I have learned is to pay attention to the cuts that work for your body, and look for that particular cut from different manufacturers. And keep in mind that everyone has those days when nothing you try on works. Don’t let it get you down.

    1. That’s right, Elsie. On those days it is about the clothing not us. I love to find garments with well placed seams which flatter and fit better. Thanks for sharing your struggles….you are not alone..and I am the same way with the need to try things on. Thanks for being here.

  9. I recommend reading Stacy London’s book on style. She gives great tips and recommendations that any woman can utilize. The book has case studies, etc.

    I definitely smiled at the suggestion to modify the garment’s size tag to one’s personal liking! Now that’s positive adaptation!

    I would like to emphasize the importance of strenuous physical activity for both the body and the brain. Developing endurance is a priority for the mature woman. Strenuous activity (exercise) entails raising one’s heart rate and sustaining it for at least a minimum of twenty minutes. One starts out slowly and gradually builds up endurance so that, over time, twenty minutes becomes easy. When this occurs, it’s time to add more minutes on to your daily exercise routine.

    1. Hi Patricia, These are all things we talk of often here …so I am so glad you are joining us. I have said many times that Stacy’s book, The Truth About Style, is my favorite style book. I have it recommended in my free handout. I began weight training four years ago and I have been amazed at how it has helped and redefined my body. Recently, I stepped up my routine and the difference is beginning to show…I am encouraged. Thanks so much for your comment.

  10. Label-smabel. It always makes me laugh when the size is too large with one brand and then same size is too small in another. I always tell myself that it is not my body that is not the right shape or size, it is how the garment was made. The mistake is with it: not me!

  11. Firstly,I love your videos as you speak so well.
    What you say is so true about sizing and I have learnt to take multiple sizes into a dressing room.I’m not obsessed about sizing like I used to be.I’m 64 now and menopause and Hashimoto’s Disease caused some weight gain 10 years ago,but exercise,supplements,enough rest and less stress helped me adjust to my mature body.I now only buy clothes that fit me properly and I generally know the cuts and styles that work for me.I have a friend though who only looks for a certain size and gets upset if it doesn’t fit.I keep trying to tell her that fit is more important but………
    Thanks for your sensible advice.

    1. You are so welcme, Julie. It took me a long time to not give the clothing control over my emotions. It is a lesson that takes some of us longer to grasp. I hope your friend will come around to it soon. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Just discovered your blog and love it!! I am 52 and menopause has completely changed my body. I used to be a size 10 at my thinnest and now I’m a 14/16. I love the idea of writing the size on the label!! I have cut the labels out of clothes so I’m not constantly having negative chatter in my head when I take something out of my closet. I’ve never been super interested in style but all of a sudden I am and it really does make a difference in how I feel. Thank you for your blog!

    1. You are so welcome, Dawn. I am happy you are here and joining us. I think I am going to start cutting the labels out as well! Makes good sense to me. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  13. Pamela, I enjoyed your video and agree with your message here. There was a time when I worried about the label and while I would still like it to be smaller, I don’t let that bother me anymore. I have a hard time finding clothes to fit correctly anyway so the label is the least of my worries. I’m on the borderline between petite and average height in clothes but my arms are an average length. The other day, I came out of the Talbot’s outlet that opened up near me with 3 tops in 3 different sizes and that is from one store. When ordering from a catalog, I definitely read the description to help me decide what size to order. If it says fitted, I usually go up a size. But, I had a hard time with fit even when I was young and thin. I just have added more areas that are hard to fit which is why when I find a garment that fits, I usually buy multiples in that style.

    1. I understand how difficult it is to be on the borderline between sizes. Reading descriptions and the customer reviews has helped me alot when purchasing online. I really pay attention to them. Thanks so much for sharing, Michele.

  14. Great video & I totally agree. Even tall and short (which is not always petite) women struggle getting things to fit. My husband prefers big & tall section for shirts because they’re more slimming & stay tucked in, but not pants. The same applies to designer labels. I know several well off people who buy their jeans at Wal-Mart because they fit!lol. Fit is everything!

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