Chico’s Spring 2018: Creating A Versatile Wardrobe

This week I am discussing the benefits of wardrobe builidng with Chico’s, one of my favorite brands.  Since I have a deep wardrobe of Chico’s, I have discovered so much versatility with the ability to take items to a professional level or for my more casual life out of work.

My wardrobe includes so many great foundational pieces I have added over the years.  Here I am wearing a Chico’s Travelers black tank. This is the V-neck option, but I have other necklines in the tanks as well…I also have many different colors of these tanks.  The pants are my black Juliet slimming pants…a great foundation garment.  To update this year, I have added this Feminine Printed Jacket from the current spring 2018 collection.  I can wear this jacket to work, to lunch with friends, to church, to brunch…just about anywhere…and I feel great wearing it.  I added one of my Chico’s necklaces from the past…a favorite I wear often….especially when a silver and white is needed.

This jacket is a bit of a bold statement for me, since I do not often wear frilly, feminine details.  But I like it and I am happy to expand my wardrobe with this piece.  I know I will wear it often.

What pieces could you add to your current wardrobe which might take it to a different level this year?  #HowBoldAreYou



Disclaimer:  I was gifted this garment from Chico’s, but the words are my own.



  1. Very polished look and I’d like to see more of your clutch/bag.
    I haven’t really thought much about what might take my wardrobe to a different level for the Southern Hemisphere autumn and winter.I bought a new shirt/top last week in a creamy white colour and saw some jackets I liked.You’ve got me thinking…..hmmmmmm!

    1. So glad I have you thinking…it’s fun to re-think some of our looks. I love a creamy white color…glad you found it.

  2. What a gorgeous jacket Pam!! You’re right, this can go so many places and be just perfect! I don’t see it as frilly per se, more of a waterfall style that is just beautiful. I’m at kind of an odd place with my wardrobe. I honestly don’t need to add a single thing for the coming spring and summer, and I think I’m thinking this way since I’m anticipating retirement and not planning to add anything to my work wardrobe since it is beyond sufficient. I would have to say that my focus is now on my casual wardrobe and now that you’ve got me thinking, I think this year I will add some floral tops. Not the tiny florals, but more bold, like what you are wearing here. I think it would be fun and a change from having so many solid colored pieces.

    1. I agree, Karen. For some reason, spring is when I want to experiment more with pattern. I guess because I wear so many neutral looks in the fall and winter. Have fun just adding a few things to re-fresh what you already own.

  3. Sometimes is just good to step of our comfort zone. I wouldn’t do it with a number of a tops or pants but one or two would be fun. Your outfit looks great!

    1. It is so lightweight and just perfect to wear through warmer weather. Check it out…it is a good piece to have in my wardrobe.

  4. I love the jacket. I’m trying to reconcile myself that ruffles are a trend, and like you, I often avoid frilly things. But the jacket is on trend, without overdoing it. I’m adding some pink to my wardrobe this spring. I love Chicos “Europa Pink”. I bought a couple of their pink pieces, since this season it is not that light blush color that washes me out. I really don’t need any more clothes, but “need” is a funny word… I’m going to be ruthless when sorting out my clothes from last year and truly get rid of pieces I don’t wear.

    1. I think black and white and pink look wonderful together…. hope you find your perfect pink. There are so many shades out there now. Thanks Elsie.

  5. Hello Pamela ?
    In my home it’s already Spring! ?
    You’re whole outfit is very pretty on you and it’s not so big and busy. It’s something as you know you have to be careful with. I personally would wear it with heels. I like the jacket so I’m going to purchase it.
    As I write this I can hear the birds chirping on my patio…another day of life.

    Blessings always,

    1. My husband and I listened to some birds singing this morning! I wish I could wear heels, Raquel. My feet just can’t go there any more…but you are right, it would look great with them.

  6. I am thinking about buying a pair of the Juliet pants to go with tunics and blazers. I prefer a slimming profile . I still have plenty of wide-legs pants. Do you recommend the Juliet over the Brigitte pants? The Brigitte style seems to be a lighter weight as if it would be better for warmer weather. They all look good in the catalogs!

    1. I really recommend that you try both on to see what you think. The Juliet seems to fit my rather curvy figure the best and it is so comfortable. The most recent two I have in my wardrobe were the lighter weights…so, I think they will work for warmer weather.
      Let me know what you think when you look at both of them. Would love to hear back!

  7. I feel like this post was written for me, just like I do so many of your posts. Chico’s is about 90% of my closet and I really feel like it is a versatile wardrobe that covers all my needs. Love Chico’s white no iron shirts with jeans as well as their Travelers tops and bottoms. Now I just need to add a few spring and summer fun pieces. Love Chico’s prices especially their sales. You look so,good in the outfit and the new top is wonderful.

  8. Hi, Pamela.
    That is a cute jacket. Funny–I was just in Chico’s and I didn’t see it! After spending an hour trying on some fun things, I wound up purchasing a slim pair of girlfriend ankle jeans in a darker wash, a silky floral peasant style top, and a V-necked, 3/4 length sleeved, white and very lightweight sweater top with silver grommets along the neckline. They also had some jewelry in there that was to die for.

    1. Sounds like you had fun, Kathy! I have the hardest time not leaving with jewelry whenever I go into Chico’s. So hard to resist!

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