Easy, Beautiful Wardrobe Building With Chico’s Spring 2018

One of the many reasons I have shopped Chico’s for almost 30 years, is how easy they make building a wardrobe.  I can take all of the pieces I have owned for years, add in a new current piece, and keep the wardrobe fresh and growing.  So, this week I will feature three new looks combining pieces I already own with something new and fresh!

This tunic is one of my favorites.  Most recently, you saw me in this particular style….

I do not wear my leopard Juliet pants during the spring and summer, so in order to freshen things up a bit, I added a new pair of the Ultimate Fit Juliet Pants…they are so comfortable and flattering with how they fit. Chico’s carries sizes to fit all body types.   In fact, after these pictures, I headed out for a full day of running errands and it was the perfect outfit for feeling confident and for comfort.

I love the new black and white pair and it looks great with the tunic.  I also added one of the new bib necklaces with this outfit and it matches perfect with a bracelet I have had in my wardrobe for years.

Here is what I recommend and what I actually do.  I carry an inventory list of my Chico’s items with me, so that I remember what I have and can mix and match with new pieces.  Remember, I said I have shopped this brand for a very long time…and I wear some of those early pieces and no one ever knows how old they are…it is about building style upon building style.  The new fresh pieces give a new look to the old.

And that is one of the strategies that makes me a bold, confident woman!! Come back later in the week for more….. #HowBoldAreYou

Do you ever think about how your pieces work together to build a successful wardrobe?  Let’s talk…and then…..




Disclaimer:  There are pieces in this post provided to me by Chicos, but the words and opinions are my own!


  1. I think this concept works in general, even if we’re not being brand specific. I always shop purposefully, because I’ve made so many impulse purchases in the past that ended up in the donation box! To have our basic pieces in mind, or on a list, when we shop (along with a wardrobe gap list in my case) makes it easier to refresh what we already have, as you have done here. Sometimes even the simplest thing, like a new scarf, can make such a difference.

  2. Pam,
    I agree with you that I tend to stay with one brand because I can invest in new items while wearing last year’s style (even older than last years)and building on it.
    I have been a Chico’s girl for that very reason. Chico’s is my main “go to brand”. I love their clothes and I believe in investing for long term, not throwing money to the latest fashion trends that aren’t my style.


    1. I know…once we get with brand we like, then it is a sure bet the clothing will be trusted as designed in “our style.” Thanks Robin…so glad to here you are a Chico’s girl.

    1. They are so comfortable! And I have decided I really like patterned pants…alot! I plan to have fun with them this year. Thanks Jennifer.

  3. I can’t wait to get back to Chico’s to check out the new spring styles. I’ve had my eye on those pants you’re wearing; I have so many cute black tops I could wear with them. I love the new Bold collection Chico’s is featuring right now. Have you considered adding any other of the garments in the new collection to your wardrobe? Keep us posted.

    1. Hi Kathy…I will have two more on the blog this week. Keep returning. I love these pants..glad you are going to check them out. Thanks

  4. Hello Pamela ?
    You certainly look so nice in the black top with the leopard pants. There’s so many ways to accessorize this outfit,beginning with a smile…
    I shop at Chico’s,Ann Taylor and Talbots.These are my favorite clothing stores,and other clothing boutiques that I enjoy going when my husband and I travel.
    Have a wonderful and fun week!?

    Blessings always,

    1. Thanks Racquel…I loved the leopard in the cooler weather and now I will love these black & white printed pants for spring and summer. It is a fun brand. Thanks so much!

  5. I’ve been shopping at Chicos for about 15 years. I love the easy style of their clothes. The jury is still out for me and the patterned pants – they are way out of my comfort zone! So I may have to buy one pair and see how it goes.

    1. That is exactly what I did, Elsie. It was also out of my comfort zone…so I bought one pair (the leopard) and wore them often. With so many compliments when I was out and about, I decided to try more and it has been a success! Come back this Friday and you will see my boldest statement yet! Just try one!

  6. I love Chico’s. I always look forward to their catalog every month. I love their jeans and leggings and their Brigitte pants are very slenderizing . However, I am an inverted triangle and the patterned pants don’t go with my body type. I love tunics but tend to wear a more slimming, neutral pant with a tunic. Have times changed?

    1. Slimming neutral pants almost always look great with tunics, Marcia. I don’t think that has changed at all. But, I am also enjoying the patterned pant for a change of pace. I do think every now and then it is fun to step out of our comfort zones and shake things up a bit. I have enjoyed the very few patterned pants that I own. But I will be back this week with more. Fashion is always changing…it is the nature of the business. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I have also shopped. Hi is for about 7 Years now, love their classic style with a twist. I also love J Jill and Talbots and Macy’s I love your patterned pants, I have a very similar pattern and normally wear them with re lad and royal blue. I love this black on black though for that spring transition. Can’t wait to see the rest of the week!

  8. I love your pants and they look great on you.I bought some navy and white patterned pants a year ago and only started wearing them last month.It just took me a while to feel “put together” wearing them and now I’m fine.I think balance is very important when wearing patterned pants or skirts.
    I’m looking forward to your #HowBoldAreYou post.

    1. Thanks Julie…I have a couple more Chico’s posts for this week! And I was slow to come to patterned pants, but so glad that I did…it really mixes up the monotony of the neutral solids sometimes.

  9. Can you recommend some fashion consultants in the San Antonio area either through stores or private business?
    I seem to have too many clothes that I never wear and am in a rut. I dither about and I need objective help with fit and color in order to go from chaos to some sort of order! Thank you.

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