From Eye Shadow to A New Handbag…I Purple On!

First I want to say…you guys are amazing!  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of the encouragement.   With all negativity behind me, I am back on a roll…having fun and hopefully encouraging you to have fun as well.  Recently, one of you sweet ladies was encouraging me about my eye shadow and told me to PURPLE ON.  Well, I took it a little further last week, when I met this handbag at Marshalls.This is a beautiful Rebecca Minkoff and I fell in love at first sight.  It will be fun to pop this color throughout the spring and in such a chic way.  I was able to interview Rebecca for the blog once and she is lovely.  I am happy to finally have one of her designs.  I have some more of her designs to show you below. Maybe next I need to find a tee shirt that says PURPLE ON….for now I am happy with the eye shadow and the handbag!  Does anyone else like to carry a colored purse or do you stick closely with neutrals?  Let us know and of course



  1. I have a bold burgundy, a pale ice blue & a gorgeous multi jewel tones paisley print that I love. I love your purple bag.
    Some of these links for tops are right up my alley as well
    Purple on.

  2. I have pink, purple, teal, fuschia, turquoise, green and several different shades of blue from pale to royal, and probably more I can’t recall. I love to thrift and only buy good quality leather bags. My latest find is a B. Makowsky oxblood satchel with silver hardware — gorgeous and looks unused. I have to wear a winter coat so I like to pair my bag with a scarf in coordinating colors. Love your Rebecca Minkoff!

  3. Good for you Pam to “purple on”!
    I have neutral coloured bags but also reds,pinks,purple and blues.I also only buy leather bags for their durability.
    Enjoy your new bag.

  4. Love your new handbag! The color is wonderful, a happy color! I’m sitting here eyeing my black tote bag that I bring to work and thinking it’s really time for a change. I so switch up bags on the weekends, but this black one holds a lot and comes to work with me everyday. I like that jacket too! Those two colors together work really well. I have to go back now and look at the tops you feature above. I’m working more on my casual wardrobe now and am looking forward to adding some new tops!

  5. My favorite purse is one that I bought two years ago. It is periwinkle!! It is made by Nicole Miller and I love, love, love it!! Your new bag is great!

  6. Pink is a big color this year…I need a pink…thanks so much Cynthia…you are right, smart shopping can find quality and many different price points.

  7. It is a happy color and has me in a spring state of mind . Have fun Shopping, Karen. Lots of fun styles in tops on the market.

  8. I love my purple and it is so big this year with Ultra Violet selected as the color of the year. I hope you find something fun.

  9. I’ve always had a purple/plum eye shadow in my stash. I have green/blue eyes so it has recommended to me many times to compliment the color of my eyes. Purple is in this year and it is a color I have always enjoyed.

  10. I have a red bag and a green one as well as neutral colours. I love the green one especially and have compliments on it every time I use it. I even had a man I didn’t know tell me it was a great bag one time! The style of it is unique as well.

  11. Hello Pamela ??
    Yes,definitely keep the negativity behind you and don’t look back…
    I have a purple dress with rhinestones and a purple purse. Purple and pink are two of my many favorite colors that I like. I simply enjoy colors in my life. Let me add that with Jesus in my heart my life is a rainbow!?
    I encourage you to stay positive and spend time with those that encourage you and make you laugh…
    Keep smiling!?

    Blessings always,

  12. I just bought a Patricia Nash that is a Provencal print of Navy, burgundy, gray and gold! It spoke to me at the store and it was on sale and it gave me a mental lift. Additionally, it has a lot of cool pockets. I used to stick to neutrals, but since I retired, I buy whatever color catches my eye. I see myself going for a pink bag for Spring. We don’t want to fade into the background!

  13. Goodness! I have every color of the rainbow and the same with shoes!
    I stick with neutral classics in clothing and add color with accessories.
    I also have a shoe/purse addiction and I’m not trying to break it!
    Enjoy that purse! Love it!

  14. You just reminded me of a green purse I own…I am going to get it out of retirement! Thanks Lynn.

  15. I love your new purple bag! I’ll bet you find it’s a great color for all the seasons. I wear a lot of color so I tend to carry more neutral colored bags. I’m new to your blog and have been enjoying your ideas and insights. One thing I think makes a woman more lovely and (dare I say it) more youthful looking is to stand tall and smile. So, keep smiling! BTW, I also wear purple eyeshadow.

  16. Hi Kathleen, Welcome and welcome to the purple gang. I smile every day and I agree it is our best accessory.

  17. I have a bright pinkish coral faux ostrich handbag that I carry in the spring & summer. I have received more compliments on it than any other bag I have owned. I found it while out browsing with my niece, & she said, “Oh, you should get it.” I am so glad she encouraged me to buy it.

  18. It sounds awesome, Becky. What a great find that you love so much. Thanks for sharing…

  19. I make a conscious effort to go “un”nutreal with accessories like purses, shoes, jewelry and eyeglass frames. I have more than one pair/style/color for my mood. There are online eyeglass companies that are quite reasonable. When you take away the designer frames at the optometrist, glasses really aren’t terribly expensive. Frankly, I’ve had enough winter already and am ready to break into the summer brights. Love nautical colors, especially.

  20. Think of purple as your signature color…and might I say, Dahling, you look beautiful in that color. Wear your purple proud. It works for you well. And congrats on not letting other’s opinion bring you down.

  21. I carried a red shoulder bag for years. Your post reminds me to pull it out of the closet and use it again! Thanks!

  22. I am on a new road of excitement and determination…and wearing purple while on it. Thanks Pat!

  23. Great, June…sometimes we need reminders to go find what we might have tucked away in the past. Enjoy your red.

  24. LOL…life is too short and I did get the reference to Prince…though didn’t really listen to his music. Thanks!

  25. I love your bag and I love that you are adventurous enough to wear purple shadow. Rick on, lady.

    Your post alerted me that the fact that I don’t have a purple purse or shoes! I’ll have to correct that! I have reds, orange, salmon, blues, browns, gray, silver, gold, greens…ah gee…no purple.

  26. Hi Pam,
    I love colored purses but I wear a lot of color, so I mainly end up with a neutral bag, although I do love to treat myself to a fab red bag when I see it! I love the color of this purple one. It really makes your outfit pop and it’s just the perfect size! Cheers, Deborah

  27. Pam –
    Some years ago I realized black purses bored me to death and I never bought one again. I love colour and purple is my favourite so I have more than a few and switch every few months. I also have navy, burgundy, florals, teal, and a new green suede with tassels. I would love some lighter, pretty blues and a periwinkle. People actually stop me to ask where I get them! Keep rocking the purple! Signed, your purple eyeshadow twin.

  28. Love this, Janet. I bet your purses are fun and you have just inspired me to change mine out more…I tend to get lazy and stay with the same one. I have some fun ones in my closet so I am going to begin to change it up more. Thanks so much…from one twin to another!!

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