Hey Ladies,  today is the day when we grab a cup of steaming coffee or tea, visualize sitting in a fun little cafe, and read news which may be of interest to us.  So enjoy, and please comment on any of these stories below!A very interesting read for those of us still in the workplace….THE CASE FOR REBRANDING THE OLDER WORKER. Favorite quote from the article, “As they say, wisdom comes with age. These days, spending power, chicness and innovation do, too.”She hasn’t been Pollyanna for a long, long time, but Hayley Mills is till going strong.  Let’s catch up with someone who saw many of us through our youth…read about Hayley Here!

While it is about a serious topic, I loved the humor behind the ETrade Superbowl Commercial and would like to SHARE THE VIDEO WITH YOU HERE!  

Apparently, there was a little skincare controversy going on in the last week.  Catch up with a rebuttal to the “no products work” side and see In Defense of Skincare HERE FROM THE TODAY SHOW.  

I found this to be an important health article from AARP.  There are certain signs we must all pay attention to.


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