Would You Wear It – #5

Join me today in a little window shopping…sorry about the glare though.  Look at both outfits and tell us if you would wear both or just one of these looks…and explain why you feel the way you do.

We have been having fun and learning much from one another…so tell us everyone….




  1. Definitely would wear the jacket, leggings and scarf. It’s a balanced, well put together look that looks relaxed and fun. The scarf adds interest to basic pieces. No to the striped dress. It’s veering too close to body-conscious, and unless a woman is very thin, it might be calling attention to some problem areas. Maybe it’s the pattern. I might wear it in black, but would size up to avoid looking stuffed into it.

        1. I like both outfits but I too would have a hard time wearing the striped dress. I do have friends that could pull it off. I would wear a pencil pant or an ankle jean. Leggings are for exersize .

  2. I choose the black jacket, leggings, and the scarf. It looks minimalistic and comfortable . I could also bust it up to use with other clothing.
    The striped dress is a fantasy item. in reality, not gonna work with my body structure. The arm stripes being off kilter from the body stripes bugs me in the photo.

    1. I learned to sew from a perfectionist seamstress mother. One of the things she emphasized was making sure patterns lined up. The striped dress is way off.

  3. Absolutely to the black and white outfit-love that scarf! I do not wear dresses, and never one that tight. “Sausage” is not what I aim for when selecting an outfit, and the horizontal stripes just make it worse.

  4. I love the jacket and leggings outfit-it looks comfortable but polished. While I like the color combo of the dress, it is way too form- fitting, and that length would probably be dowdy on a short gal like me.

  5. Yes to the black and white outfit. Love that combination and the scarf to dress it up. One of my rules is no horizontal stripes after age 50. It just doesn’t work on my 5’3 frame.

  6. Being only 5’2″, I wouldn’t wear either. The dress’s stripes are too wide and extend directly over the bust and hips, which makes those areas look bigger. It is also too long in sleeves and length for a short person, and the neckline is too high. Give me a V-neck, at-the-knee length, and a solid color or smaller print, and then I’m on board! The jacket outfit is too voluminous on top. It would do well for an apple shape, but I am hourglass and blouson tops and leggings add 50 lbs. I need to accentuate my flat tummy and smaller waist and de-emphasize my thicker thighs.

  7. Like Jo, I am a demi-petite at 4’11. Since I am a pear shape, I would not wear either outfit although I appreciate the beauty of both. I might wear the one on the left if the jacket were not so boxy. After looking, this is a design element which I could not have a tailor reshape for me. 🙂

  8. No, no to the striped dress. No horizontal stripes for me. Too wide, color palate is blah and dress too long. Don’t care for the black & white ensemble
    either — boring, need color for spring (where is Ultra Violet?).

  9. The outfit on the left is pretty much how I dress all the time, so yes, bring it on. Horizontal stripes…not for busty me! Plus I really don’t care for the length. I’m seeing it everywhere but I think it’s hard to pull off. Was watching Top Chef…even Padma had a hard time wearing this silhouette and we all know her body!!

    1. I will have to do a little research and see who Padma is…you peeked my curiosity. Thanks so much Lisa.

      1. Oops, should not assume :). Padma Lakshmi is one of the hosts of Top Chef on Bravo. She is tall, thin, stunning. She wore a similar dress in a recent episode and all I could think was “spanks”!

  10. I like the scarf, jacket and leggings but only because the jacket falls below the bum bum. It isn’t that leggings as pants are only appropriate for younger people, because I see plenty of younger people who shouldn’t be wearing them either.

    And, I don’t mean “shouldn’t” as in, “because I wouldn’t approve,” I mean in that if the wearer cares about this, leggings can, as someone already said, bring out problem areas.

  11. Yes to outfit number one but I don’t like leggings so would wear slim pants. No to the dress. It looks like something for teenage girls who are very slim.

  12. I would definitely wear the outfit with the leggings. It looks relaxed and comfortable. I would not wear the two piece skirt outfit. Too clingy for my shape.

  13. I love them both but I would not look good in the dress. My short stature and curves would not be flattered. I also would not wear the leggings. I do love the pop of color of the scarf and would definitely wear it with an outfit without the leggings but slacks. I love the colors and stripes on the dress and it would look fabulous on someone with the right height and shape!

  14. I would do both. I actually have a stripped dress I got last summer and love it. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure about it to start with, but if it fits and isn’t tight, it can work. I pair it with a colorful solid jacket since its sleeveless, but when I don’t need the jacket it’s fun to wear alone. I’m actually really liking stripes anymore. I would wear the other outfit, since that’s how I typically dress. I would trade the leggings for skinny pants, ankle pants or skinny jeans. I like the longer jacket. I don’t wear a lot of scarves, but I think they look nice.

  15. I would definitely wear the outfit on the left as long as the blouse was long enough to cover my butt and my crotch. In my opinion, that should be an absolute must for anyone wearing leggings. It’s not enough for the jacket to be long enough because I’d want to be able to take it off indoors.

    I’m not sure about the dress (or is it actually a skirt and top?), but I would consider trying it on. I think it would suit my tall slim figure, but I’d be concerned about the snugness emphasizing or showing off the jiggly bits at my waist and I’m not sure that the length would be flattering.

  16. The black & white outfit gets a yes from me, but I would likely change out the leggings for a slim leg pant because I am not comfortable in very tight bottoms. The scarf adds just the right amount of style. It would make a great outfit for running errands.
    The striped dress gets a no from me. It is a nice dress, but I am too short & round to wear it. The horizontal stripes would not be flattering at all. I also think it is a bit too long. On someone tall & thin, it might be fine.

  17. I have an apple shaped body and the horizontal stripes in the dress would emphasize my belly and bust so that is a definite no. I might wear the jacket with skinny pants and a longer top – again the belly. I like the length of the jacket. Those of us with non- perfect bodies need clothes designed for the non- perfect shapes.

    1. You are not alone with your thoughts, Joanne. Thanks so much…and you are perfect in every way, accept where you are today. I know it is hard, but when I do that, I enjoy my clothes and myself so much more.

  18. The dress — no way.

    The other outfit — love everything but the drawstring-bottomed blouse. The jacket is a great length and the skinny pants are terrific. For as much as you can see of it, the blouse Looks a little sloppy and the outfit doesn’t need a feature at the point of the drawstring.

    1. Thank you Nancy…it is important to think about where eyes go first in an outfit. I try to think of where I want to direct the eye.

  19. Not the dress. Too “vertical” for me, but I love everything about the jacket, blouse, leggings and scarf. I especially like the pop of pink in the otherwise black and white outfit. I can think of many ways to incorporate each piece into items already in my wardrobe.

  20. I love the outfit on the left and would definitely wear it. It looks chic without trying too hard, and the pieces would be versatile. I’m not sure about the dress, or is it a top and a skirt? If it was a two-piece ensemble, you could wear the top with the outfit on the left. As a dress, it’s too long to suit me, and I’m not sure such showy stripes would work on my bosomy frame. I do like the color combination of the stripes.

  21. The dress is pretty, but much too clingy for this 60 yo body! You would have to be confident with your body to wear the dress. I would wear the outfit on the left. The pieces work well together and would work separately as well.

  22. The outfit on the left, but not with tights, maybe a slim pant. Definitely the scarf, looks really fashionable. No to the dress! p
    Personally I am way too short and “wide” Thanks Pam for all the info.

  23. Once again, feeling outnumbered. I love this striped outfit — it looks like a top and skirt ensemble. I would wear it. I’m not tall and I’m not skinny but I think this would work for me!

    1. Glad you don’t mind speaking out when you think you are in the minority…you represent many voices with your one. Thanks being here, Beth.

  24. I love the dress too- everything about it including the length. I’d wear it with booties and tights I think. And make sure it fit correctly y and wasn’t too tight. Would need some spanx! The other outfit is ok, pretty basic. I’m with a lot of the others about leggings. I don’t care for the look so I’d wear skinny pull on jeans. That tight and cropped looks just as bad as a tight dress, even if your top is long enough to hide the lady bits. When at look at myself from the side in leggings and a long top, I never ever like the view…so I never buy them!!

  25. The dress is actually two pieces, isn’t it? The hem on the top seems to match the skirt hem. I like both outfits and could see all the pieces forming a mini wardrobe. That being said, the dress is a little too form-fitting for my comfort and I’d prefer skinny pants to leggings for the same reason.

  26. I would wear the leggings and the scarf but the top and jacket would not suit my body.The outfit on the right looks like a skirt and top or are my eyes deceiving me!I wouldn’t wear it at my age(64) but my daughters could pull it off very well.

      1. Doing really well thanks.It’s the last month of summer here and I’m loving the bright blue skies.Life is good!

  27. Love the colors of the scarf…looks awesome with the black! I’d probably switch from leggings to slim black jeans/pants with booties. I like the white shirt but not sure about the “drawstring” I see peeping out – I’d switch to a simple long sleeved tee or top. And I always “Just say NO!” to horizontal stripes! Even my super skinny 29 year old daughter said – “No” – to the dress! Keep ’em coming, Pam – this is fun! 🙂

  28. I’m with so many others in preferring the black jacket and leggings over the horizontal-striped, body-conscious dress.

    I do like the overall look of the black outfit and scarf, but I’d need to swap out for roomier pants and a top that didn’t have an elastic drawstring bottom. I could just see that hugging the bottom of my stomach – not good.

  29. I also would wear the jacket, scarf and leggings. There is a ‘freedom’ that I like – being able to walk properly. Colours in both outfits are nice. I like to be comfortable and while the striped outfit is knitted and mostly comfortable, I don’t like hobbling for fashion. Interesting outfits to compare and contrast. Thanks

  30. New to your blog….and not only would I wear the dress on the right, I want it! It just comes right out and says I am a confident woman and I like to take chances. I would not wear the outfit on the left – it looks a little bit like the wearer be hiding herself. The two outfits provide a great juxtaposition in style.

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