Would You Wear It #7

OK, girls, forget the facts that this model is very young and super thin, just look at the clothing from head to toe…and tell us


Be sure to explain your answers as to why or why not?  We always learn from each other!

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  1. You bet! I would wear it all except for the best because I live in FL & it’s 77°.
    Love the jeans wear them now & wore them in the 70’s.
    The blouse & shoes are a little wild but so am I.
    The only leopard print I have is on my cat so no vest, plus it’s too warm here.
    Earings & sunglasses are similar to my own so yes.
    I WAS that skinny in the 70’s-90’s. Then I had son #2 lol
    I look a lot better now with curves than I did then as a stick figure.

  2. I would wear the jeans and vest (as long as it is faux fur) but to tame it down and fit with my style would pair it with a black turtleneck Ann
    D black ankle booties with low heal or my chunky black Doc Martins. LOL – this would duplicate an outfit I had in HS in the ‘70s (1972 grad).

  3. What’s not to love? Although I might choose a fur vest that isn’t spotted, but I’ve worn an outfit like this many times!!
    The best part? The fabulous print, colorful shoes!! That’s my weakness anyday!!

  4. Wow! I guess I am in the minority because I would definitely say no to this outfit. It has much too much going on for me! The whole outfit is over the top to me … earrings and necklace too large, shirt too busy. I must confess, I do love a little leopard ?

  5. I would definitely wear this!!!! The only two things that I would modify are the earrings, I’d make them just a bit smaller and I’d prefer a solid color vest. I love the blouse and the flared pants. I love this look!

  6. Love the vest and jeans, the shoes. The blouse is too busy for me, especially with that spotted vest. I don’t mind the earrings.

  7. She looks like a fashion victim. I would not wear anything except the handbag. Too trendy for me, any kind of fur is a personal no. I prefer classics with one special point of interest. She looks like someone took everything in the store and layered it on her. This is for mutton dressed as lamb.

  8. I love all the pieces, but I would not wear them all at once. I’m a little more conservative. I’d get a lot of wear out of the blue pants! I’d wear them with either the blouse or the vest. I’d choose a black long sleeve tee for under the vest. That would make the statement jewelry pop. I’d wear the jeans and blouse with a black, navy or perhaps even a red jacket.

  9. Hmmmm I wouldn’t wear it since I’d feel like it was wearing me. Colors too bright and loud for me ( and I love color!). It’s just too young. I do love the shoes tho!

  10. I like it, but I would choose different earrings. Yet I like Marian’s suggestion of switching out the patterned pieces to black also. I think I have a soft spot for this outfit because it has a retro ’70’s vibe (high school’74 and college’78).

  11. It’s a wonderful look, but definitely not for me. I don’t wear brights well. But that bag … yes, yes, yes!

    Pam, these posts are so fun. It’s helpful to see what is going on in the fashion world. Thank you!

  12. Yes, I would wear the blouse, shoes, and pants, but with no vest and smaller, more classic earrings (too much going on at the top). I would love the vest with a solid top, and then go with the statement earrings. This look is just too busy overall for my taste without the modifications!

  13. No, I don’t like all of the busy patterns and colors. I did like the bag though. Agree with Nancy about lamb dressed mutton. There is such a thing as trying too hard.

  14. The only pieces I would wear are the glasses, vest and purse. Those are the only ones that fit my style. Thank you!

  15. It looks exactly like a “catwalk” ensemble. On the model, that outfit looks good, but I have to agree with others that there is too much going on there. I like the color of the pants; I would wear those. I think the top goes well with the pants, but it may be a little too flashy for me. I doubt if I would wear that vest, but I’m saying yes to the shoes and the bag. All that being said, however, I would try on the whole look just for fun. I’ve learned from my husband that sometimes things you would pass over on the rack or on a mannequin/model might just look great on you, too!

    1. Good for your husband! It is fun to try things on that are out of our comfort zones. He’s right sometimes we are surprised with how good they look. Thanks Kathy

  16. I would wear the blouse, purse & glasses with bootcut jeans. I like a navy vest, plain shoes & different jewelry.

  17. While the individual pieces are nice, put together this way it’s a hot mess. Fur. Vest. Huge and multi-dangling earrings. Mod, tied and hanging blouse, gigantic necklace, printed shoes. Oh, and bright, oversized bag. Big sunglasses. While not everything has to match, one or two of those elements can carry a whole outfit (I would pick the shoes). I remember reading that Coco Chanel said to get fully dressed then remove one accessory. She is likely rolling in her grave right now.

  18. Like the vest and would definitely wearit.
    I’m short and feel that the earrings and necklace would be overpowering. Not to sure about the blouse but probably not.It’s pretty busy.I love the shoes and the pants could work for me.Over all the outfit is a bit over the top and I would probably separate the pieces and wear them separately.

  19. I love the whole look but would wear slim straight jeans and wear different earrings and necklace.Her shoes look really cute!

  20. I wouldn’t wear it. It is too much for my taste, but bravo to the ladies here who said they would wear it. My mother-in-law would have loved this look when she was my age (63). She passed away at age 97, & until her final few years, was the life of the party. I do like the bag.

  21. No, thank you. It looks like a halfhearted, and unsuccessful, attempt at channeling Iris Apfel. I’m also not sure anyone over 50 or 60 would be attractive in a blouse with that deep of a neckline.

  22. I’d wear the jeans and the vest with more subdued blouse. I’m not sure about the pattern on the blouse. Seems too busy for me.

  23. I would wear all of it but not together. I was a faithful viewer of “What Not To Wear,” and try as I did to mix prints with nutreau prints, following every rule, I just can’t get it to work in my opinion. I like it when I see it on actors and models, but can’t pull it off. I don’t want people to look at me and feel sorry for that old lady who can’t dress herself anymore. I want Clinton to come to my house and dress me!

    1. Don’t we all want that…how fun would it be, Nina, if Clinton or Stacy would help me dissect my closet. Thanks for your comment…I smiled!

  24. This outfit looks like a little girl got into her mother’s closet and had a
    “field day” LOL Less is always more!

    Texas women are known for their flair. Next week show us some “CLASSY” Texas style.

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      The reason I began WOULD YOU WEAR IT was because I was so appalled at what I was seeing on mannequins and runways. Now, I look for styles put out by retailers which will evoke thought and conversation from the readers. I honestly do not see that many “classy-chic” styles when I go into the malls. But, just for you and others, I will, keep an eye out and see if I can find more. I think there is value in WOULD YOU WEAR IT for many reasons…and yes, Texas ladies know how to have fun, but also know how to bring on their CHIC. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  25. I love that jacket and would wear it in a heartbeat and the shoes too if they were flats. The top at the end of the post maybe I would wear it.

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