Would You Wear It #6

There are all kinds of trends showing up in stories now.  See if you can spot the trend on the mannequin closest to us.  After you think about it, then ask…..


(Please remember to tell us why you would or would not wear this outfit.  It helps other readers to know)




  1. Not these outfits I’m afraid. The tops are both too busy and short for my proportions. I don’t like the wash on the jeans (too light) and really dislike the studs on the jeans not the left. I kind of like the dark leaf pattern on the jeans on the right but the whole look just has way too much going on for me.

  2. Love, love the embroidery on sweatshirts and would wear this but only as a tunic. Not crazy about the jeans light wash but like the pearl accents. Would probably wear black jeans for a longer, leaner look. Would not wear the second ensemble (too busy and I don’t like or wear yellow)!

  3. Now this is a lil more my “jam”. LOL
    The embroidery on the closest pair is pretty ugly I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be.
    I do hand embroidery on my jeans on the back pockets, yoke & around the front pockets & lower legs.
    Not everything on each pair though.
    I like the embroidery on the black sweater, I really like a longer (knee length) loose “sweater” like some of the ones you’ve linked.
    The yellow top is cute. I have one simelar in olive green paisley.
    The sleeves on the black under top aren’t my taste with the flounce though. The other pair of jeans are pretty cool looking I can’t tell if it’s embroidered or maybe velvet appliqued though.
    So black sweater: no
    only because it’s too short
    dotted embroidered jeans:no
    Yellow top: yes
    Black bell sleeve: no
    Lt wash with embroidered/applique on legs: yes
    Purple on~

  4. Embellishments seem to be EVERYWHERE. The left-hand jeans with studs from the thigh upward would draw the eye to my widest area, which is not comfortable for me. However, I’ve seen similar studded jeans on others not quite so hippy and they are very cute. The flocked leg on the right is adorable and I’d definitely wear those jeans. Not crazy about the tops with the jeans – too much going on for me. Altogether, the outfits are to “hectic” for my taste.

  5. I prefer flat embellishments on jeans like sequins, studs, and embroidery.
    The pearls remind me of chicken pox. I also avoid drawing attention to my thighs.
    I would not pay money for these four pieces based on this presentation. The two tops appear to be slapped on top They do not tie in with the jeans.

  6. I’m not a fan of clothes “wearing” the person. Our choices should augment who we are, not overwhelm us. This outfit is the “whole enchiladas”… way too much.

  7. I really like the black sweater with the embroidery. I am petite & short waisted so this would fit me well I believe. I do not like either pair of jeans. They are way to tight & trendy for my taste. I do like the yellow color of the other top but not the print.

  8. I would not wear the jeans on the left. Don’t like the studs. I might wear the other pair of jeans with a solid black or navy top. I would not wear either top because they don’t suit my body type and they are not my style.

  9. The Black embroidered sweater is nice and it would go with all my black pants and skirts. No to either of the jeans. Too light and too busy. The other top would go with nothing I own.

    1. I like how you evaluate it according to your current wardrobe and how items fit. Thanks for stopping by, Eleni!

  10. Oh no, I would not wear either of these tops. As I like to be invisible – classic, I mean – both of these tops look bright and garish to me. I prefer less bright colors. The jeans are a toss up. While I wouldn’t wear the pearl ones, I can easily see myself in the black appliquéd ones. They would fit easily into my wardrobe.

  11. Embroidery everywhere lately! My teen years were the 70’s, and I learned to embroider and sew my own clothes. I’m picky about “machine embroidery”- so no, one the black shirt.

    I’m all for skinny jeans, not for grommets, studs, etc. It looks great on teens, but not for me. The yellow boho top if it were tunic length, would be a yes!

  12. No, I wouldn’t. I think the florals are poorly placed for anyone who doesn’t want everyone staring at her chest. Studs on the jeans is a little too “young girl” for me. Looks like too much going on.

  13. I like the black sweater with the flowers on it but the rest is too young for me. I’m 62 so I think regular cut jeans in a dark wash suit me better.

  14. I would wear the outfit on the left. Now that I’m retired from corporate America, I’m beginning to enjoy jeans which was never my thing. Now that manufacturers are putting some stretch in jeans, I like the fit and bring on the embellishments. It makes me feel more dressed up. Love the top. Anything to brighten me up this winter is a good thing.

  15. Yes, to both jeans! Yes, to the black top. I actually love it! The yellow top is cute, but too trendy for my age — if I were a teenager, or a 20 something, yes!

  16. I’m liking that the clothing is embellished and I think that the over-embellishment is and looks intentional. I mean, look they even added a necklace to the outfit on the right. I would wear all of it, except the pearl studded jeans–I’m seeing pearls on my kitchen floor. And the yellow could be a different color…

  17. Hello Pamela!?
    I hope that you’re doing well.
    I definitely like the embroidered sweater,but I would wear it with a different blue or black jeans and heels.
    I also like the embroidered jeans,
    and I would wear it with a different
    blouse that was off the shoulders
    with a lower neckline and heels.
    Have a wonderful weekend?


  18. The embellishments on the jeans are too much for me – especially with the embroidered top.
    With a darker wash and a lighter amount of beading I might wear the jeans for a night out with friends. I would also go with a plain tunic top rather than what the store shows and jewelry.

  19. Embroidery is full at bottom of top, not flattering to my eye. . Studded jeans too busy with top. I prefer darker colors below the waist. While these are trendy not appealing to me.

  20. Nope. Top is fine but not the jeans….I like classic style jeans with dark colors because they are more versatile with my wardrobe.

  21. I don’t like embellished jeans with the pearls. I like the other pair a bit more. I have a top (Chicos) that is very much like the embroidered one shown – and while I loved it online, I don’t like it in person and will be donating it. I like the yellow top with the long sleeved black tee underneath, but probably not with my large chest – I would have to try it.

  22. I’d, possibly, wear the embroidered top with black pants, depending on how the length looked on me.

    I wouldn’t wear anything else pictured. It’s not the classy look, I’m drawn to. These pieces remind me of the English saying “mutton dressed up as lamb”.

  23. Obviously, the big trend is embellishment. I have dipped my toe in … have an embroidered denim jacket I just bought from Talbots, and also just ordered a pair of sling back shoes in white with silver studs from Macys (not to wear together :)). Another trend I’m seeing pop up is reflected here … a kind of Sunoco yellow, which looks surprisingly fresh and pretty (shown in tops, trim and enameled jewelry in Talbots today). I find I usually dislike an “outfit” as put on a mannequin. I prefer one distinct piece mixed up with true classics.

  24. I would wear the black top. I like the colorful embroidery, & it looks like a comfortable weekend top. The yellow top reminds me too much of what I wore in high school, & at 63, I really don’t want to go there again. I don’t think either pair of jeans would work for me. As others have said, I prefer a darker wash & less embellishment.

  25. Although I appreciate the details of the studs and embroidery, I would rather buy those details on a bag or scarf not on something I would want to wear often like pants or tops. That way I could more easily mix them with other things and get more bang from my fashion dollar.

  26. I wouldn’t wear either. I feel they are too trendy and the colors are too bright. The embellishment on the jeans closest to us is just too much for me. I have seen embroidery on jeans and I like the idea of it but not these jeans. Sorry….

    1. Don’t apologize. I am just putting up mannequins I see around town…i have no attachment to them. Nor do I say what I think about them. I try to find ones that will make for good discussions. Thanks Linda!

  27. I wouldn’t wear any of the tops or jeans and the trends I see are:
    embroidery and embellishments,
    flouncy and bell sleeves,
    and light wash denim.
    Those pearls on the jeans would really annoy me.

  28. Nope ~ would not wear any piece of these outfits. I have an apple shape and the black embroidiered top falls just at the wrong spot and the slouchiness of the garment would not enhance my shape at all. The jeans – just no. I wear classic, dark denim styles and this type of adornment might work with a younger, thinner gal, but not my style at all. The yellow top is okay, but with the black tee underneath is too much contrast for my taste.

  29. No, I wouldn’t wear any of this. 1) Because the cuts are all wrong for my body shape. 2) The pearls or studs or whatever they are on the closest pair of jeans looks uncomfortable, I can also see stuff getting hung up on them or catching things on them when you walk past. 3) Not a fan of all the embroidery going on. I have seen some pieces that are very pretty, I in fact have one pair of blue jeans lightly embroidered with the same color thread. You don’t see it till you get close. Otherwise, much of it is too loud for me, personally and I’ve found that type of trend ages pieces real quick. On the other hand, my 85 year old mother-in-law is all over the embroidery look. It really depends on one’s personality.

  30. I wouldn’t wear the outfit on the left. I don’t care for the bright embroidery on the top which is also too short for me. I like the fit of the jeans, but not the faded look and the pearls (that’s the trend, right?) are overdone… too large and too many. I like the embellishment on the jeans on the right, but I think the top is quite hideous! Again, it’s much too short, especially for that style and bright yellow is just not my colour.

  31. Hi Pam! No to all of the above. Tops are too short, jeans are too busy…Too young! At my age, I like simpler bottoms – I’d also be hyper aware of all the doo-dads (are those pearls?) on them…Afraid I’d knock them off the 1st time I wore them! 🙂

  32. Just my personal taste, the floral embroidery is too much. To my eye it’s too large and the colors are garish (for any age). No way would I try to launder those pearl studded jeans, even in a laundry bag. I like my washer/dryer too much. I
    am on the “practical” side when it comes to fashion trends. ?

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