Would You Wear It #8


Hi Ladies, I hope all of you had a wonderful week and ready for a fun weekend.  This is WOULD YOU WEAR IT DAY when you give your opinion about the outfit pictured above from one of the many runways I have been honored to attend.

Tell us yes or no…and please explain your answers about why you believe the way you do.




  1. Too many flappy bits with the uneven hi-low hem. It would drive me bonkers.
    I’d be worried the shoulders would slip down too far in the front. I would definitely need double sticky tape to keep area covered. LOL
    The bodice doesn’t look very comfortable & the fit looks off on the back around the sleeves, shoulder area. It doesn’t look like it would be a comfortable dress for me. I do like the color but wouldn’t wear the dress.

  2. Hello, Pam! I recently found your blog, and have enjoyed adding your perspective and that of your community to my reading list. As a displaced Texan living farther north in the Midwest, your writing brings me home in such a good way :-).
    The cut and flow of the dress in your post today is just beautiful, and I would wear it without hesitation if it was in a rich blue or black. The bright orange-red shown doesn’t play nice next to my face. I think the hi-low hem and details in the bodice and back drape are lovely. Thanks for sharing this look and I look forward to “Would You Wear It #9.”

  3. Thank you so much for being here and for commenting. I am glad I can remind you of home…Texas is important to me and I love to share life in San Antonio. Hope you will be around for the long haul.

  4. I probably would have when I was younger but I tend to have a simpler style now and I think this dress would not flatter the weight I am right now. Plus, the neckline is lower than I would be comfortable with even though like the model, I could get away with it without having too much cleavage. I would feel like I was trying to be young in this dress.

  5. A slim figured woman with a smallish chest would look fabulous in this at any age! Especially like the upper arm coverage!
    Alas, I could not pull it off personally. My large chest would not fit into the bodice. I would have to alter it.

    For special occasions, I have used alteration services. Sometimes it’s a good solution when the dress is almost perfect.

  6. I agree, Cindy. Alterations can make a lot of sense when you know you will wear something often. Or for a one time…mother of the bride moment when you want to feel absolutely comfortable, confident and fabulous!!

  7. When I was younger… yes! Now I don’t think that much skin in the front is flattering to most women of a certain age–certainly me! It calls attention to your neck and jowls. Fabulous dress however!

  8. If I had some place to wear that red dress I would for sure wear it. It’s very pretty. I’d wear the polka dot jacket (or whatever they are called) too. But not with that top.

  9. I love everything about this dress! Gorgeous colour, flattering neckline and cinches in the waist. A beautiful occasion dress.

  10. Yes. I am 69 and on the small side. I would love that dress. Red is a favorite for me. You need the really high heel shoe to carry this off. Not sure I could wear those for more than 10 minutes!

  11. I love the dress but hesitate wearing something this dramatic. I’m short and big busted so this might overwhelm me or call too much attention to my bust line.

  12. Hello Pamela ?
    I would definitely wear the pretty red dress (I’m ready to purchase it) but I would wear it with a little bit lower heel pumps. The rest of the outfits I would also wear,except for the large polka dot wrap that is not to my liking.
    Thank you for sharing.?

    Blessings always,

  13. OOOOOh! I want to wear that dress in that color combo. I dream of wearing a dress like that. Buuuuut this dress needs a body with young skin. Aaaaannnd confidence to the maximum and mine is at a more minimal level suitable for jeans and tee shirts.
    I love the front. That big shiny gold zipper is stopping me from liking the back. An invisible zipper is old school but I think it would keep the attention on the color and the other design details.
    Good choice for a fun time of Would You Wear It.

  14. Wow, what a great, dramatic dress!

    Would I wear it? Heck, yes, if I was 5’10” or taller, between 25 & 35 years of age, and was attending a gala event where I wanted to distinguish myself from the “crowd.”

    Since I live out in the midwest “boonies”, gala events demanding such a dress are scrace. And, let’s just say, my age is way beyond the 25-35 range required.

    Ah, for the “good, old days of yesteryear!”

  15. I could have worn this dress when younger but not now! Love the design — portrait neckline (too low though) and the fit and flare vibe. The red/orange hue is not for me but a cobalt blue would do. I would probably trip on the longer skirt back so would prefer all one length. Love these “Would you wear it” episodes/commentaries!!

  16. No I wouldn’t wear it. As I don’t have many or any special occasions there would be no place to wear it. If I did have an occasion to wear it, it wouldn’t work because of the color and the uneven hem. I keep my clothes for a long time the the hem would be a dead give away as to when it was purchased.

  17. The dress is stunning but unfortunately not on my body. This dress is one I would have dreamed to own in my 20 and 30’s. I really like it’s bold statement.

  18. I submit to you that in jeans and tee…you can feel just as confident. Thanks so much…good comment!

  19. No I wouldn’t due to I can’t imagine wear I would wear it to. I do love the dress but even at a younger age, I am too short to pull it off and a little low in front.

  20. No, the dress is over the top for me both in color and style. However, a slim, younger woman like our lovely first lady would look fantastic in a dress and heels like that.

  21. If I were 30 again, I’d wear it in a minute! Even though I have red hair I’d still wear it, I love this dress. Love the drama of the neckline and the hemline too. But, unfortunately, my neck and upper chest area are not place I want attention focused on, so nowadays, it would be a no. I’d still wear the color! I think this color would look fab on YOU, Pam!

  22. I love the dress, but I could not wear it. My large chest would not work with the neckline. I love a red dress and I love this one with the irregular hem. Afraid those shoes would be out of the question for me now. About the highest I can manage now are 2 1/2 inches.

  23. LOL…thanks Susan. But, I could not pull it off for many reasons…the color I would wear!!

  24. This is a beautiful flowing dress with interesting shoulder and neck cuts. The model is beautiful in this dress! I would not wear it because of my age and shortness but I know many women that this dress would look awesome on. I also love the bold color!

  25. I need a red dress for the American Heart Association formal Heart Ball in April. If I had that body, I would so wear that dress! I know we just talked about size and labels, but I also believe in dressing for one’s body and the dress would just not be the same in size 14 or 16. I had that body in my youth but would never have been able to afford a dress like that at the time. The stars didn’t line up right somehow. ?

  26. That is exactly how I feel sometimes, Nina…when I was smaller, there no money for fabulous clothes. I so get how you feel. Enjoy the ball. I just attended the Go Red Luncheon…I am always inspired to take better care of myself and to encourage others to do the same. Thanks so much.

  27. I love, love that dress! It’s certainly something I would have worn in my younger days. Now, however, I’m not sure how that rather daring neckline would fare on my generously sized bosom! Really, though,I would try it on just for fun because you never know. Maybe with some luck, a bit of self tanner and a lot of sass……

  28. It would be fun to try on “just for the fun of it” I would love to see some ladies over 50 rockin’ it in this dress!

  29. I love the dress on the model and I feel you would need to be tall to pull this look off.It’s a “look at me” dress that also would suit someone who wants to be noticed.
    I would definitely not wear this dress as it’s too dramatic,it would fall off my shoulders and I’d feel uncomfortable with the uneven hemline.I love the red though and the fabric looks beautiful.
    PS Lucky you to be able to attend so many fashion parades.

  30. I think this dress is FABULOUS!!
    …but no I would not wear it. I have to wear a supportive bra for my 59 year old sagging girls, plus they wouldn’t fit in the oh so smallish cut of this dress. Also, I have sun damaged skin on my upper chest..wouldnt be very attractive.
    But I do think this is a great dress!!

  31. Stunning dress! I really don’t attend functions that require that kind of outfit. Also, I would be concerned about my ample boobage spilling out of that neckline.

  32. Lots were concerned about ample boobage, Becky! You are not alone…got to keep the girls contained!

  33. This dress would catch my eye in the store and I would love to try it on, but I’m afraid I couldn’t pull it off. Color is too orange for my completion, I could not wear the heels this dress demands. The cut is probably too low for me to be comfortable wearing it and the hemline drop is a little extreme for my height. Still, with a few alterations and a color change (teal maybe?) this would make a wonderful Mother of the Bride/Groom dress! Basically, my heart says yes, my head says “get real!”

  34. I think the model looks stunning. For me, no, no, no. I’m way too short. I’d get lost in all that fabric. Plus with my Tucson lifestyle I’d never have anywhere to wear it!

  35. Sounds like I would rather have your lifestyle, Lisa, than a place to wear this dress! Thanks so much….

  36. Really like the color and the off the shoulder neckline. I’d say, though, that this feels like a lot of dress for anyone who is not tall and (probably) slender mostly because of the volume. I’m thinking a regular hemline and bringing the front neckline up and together could make this dress one that would be good for events such as a garden party or wedding.

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