All I Can Say Is….I LOVE These Shoes!

I wanted to get these Rockport shoes out of the way up front, because they are my new favorite!  Yes, they have a small heel…and, yes, they are super comfortable.  I have been wearing them everywhere for the comfort and the fun design.  Here I styled them with my Eileen Fisher pants, a Chicos blouse, a Chicos jacket, and a vintage handbag found years ago at a consignment shop!

I am pretty sure I want to break my own personal rule and get the same shoe in black…I really do love them that much.  Rockport is a favorite for their design, but, above all, for their comfort. This is the Cobb Hill Aubrey and it comes in many color combinations. You can find the shoes below with some of my fun finds I have for you…including the blouse I am wearing on sale.  The pants also come in many colors.

This week will be a little different for my post topics….I am going to do a News for Women of A Certain Age, but it will run on a different day this week.  On Monday, I have something new to introduce you to.  Also, a note about one of the accessories in these pictures.  When I got my new glasses recently, I allowed a technician to talk me into the tinted lenses.  She assured me they were different from the past and would not look dark inside and would not bother me.  Well, I hate them.  I should have listened to my own voice inside and said no.  But, I am currently waiting on new clearn lenses ….so I will not look like i have on dark glasses when not in sunglasses.  I have perscription sunglasses, so I really didn’t need to do this…what was I thinking?

Have you been talked into something recently, you immediately regretted?  Want to share?

Thanks for being here….one more time…THESE SHOES ARE AWESOME…and now



Disclaimer:  I was sent the shoes for review from Rockport, but the words are my own.


  1. Cute shoes Pam, and I love the style and color of the blouse! Too many times I’ve allowed myself to be talked into things, just none recently. Your glasses look like sunglasses here, but if they stay dark inside, I can see why that would be a deal breaker! When you’re outside though, anyone would see them as pretty sunglasses! I guess we just listen to that little voice inside and say no, right? I’m a people pleaser, not proud of that, but it makes “no” a little more difficult.

  2. I so agree…I am better now than I was years ago, but obviously, it is still an issue. I tend to trust too easily what people are telling me. Sometimes, I need to question first and then trust….thanks Karen.

  3. They tried to talk me into them too but I declined. I got 2 pairs of different stylish regular glasses instead. The last time I got prescription sunglasses I lost them. So I wear cheap sunglasses that have bi-focals in them! But I’m lucky I don’t need correction for distance.

  4. You were much stronger than I, Jackie. But at least my new lenses are on the way!

  5. Love the shoes and plan on ordering them in black today!
    I was talked into purchasing bifocals so I didn’t have to use separate glasses for reading. Hated them. Wore them twice and went back to my original lenses and separate reading glasses.

  6. Pam, I’ve been eying the Eileen Fisher pants. They are very flattering on you. May I ask how tall you are?

  7. I like the entire ensemble. You even featured a shoe that comes in narrow! I was afraid to look because I love the ones you are wearing, but since they were Cobb Hill I thought it was possible and sure enough there they were. All the pieces right down to the bag and shoes is great.

  8. I understand…I made sure I went right back when I knew I did not like them so there would be no charges. Thanks Barbara.

  9. That is my next style of Cobb hill shoe, it’s in my cart online. And the Adrina is fabulously comfortable too! I have those in black and walk all day in them and never miss a beat! Very chic!

  10. I love these pants so much…I have them in green, black, white, and light gray. I want the Serrano red ones. I am 5’8″. I hope that helps Susanne. They are great pants.

  11. Have those lens and I alternately love them and hate them. Love that when I go in and out of the house, I don’t have to fumble with taking my sunglasses on and off. However, I hate that they seem to take a while to go clear when I walk inside, particularly a store.
    I think you have convinced me to give a pair of Cobb Hill shoes a try. Since I started having knee problems, I need something comfortable. But the shoe lover in me wants something that looks fashionable too.

  12. They tried to talk my into those lenses too but I’d heard they don’t lighten fast enough and are dangerous if you drive into tunnels. Great looking shoes!!!

  13. They have many cute styles, Elsie. These shoes, so far, have never let me down and I have very funky feet. I am such a fan. Their Total Motion line is also very comfortable.

  14. They told me the lenses were new and improved…not my experience. Look forward to the arrival of my clear ones. You would love these shoes, Jennifer.

  15. I love your entire outfit including shoes and bag! Since I generally shop alone, I used to always ask for opinions and generally got an array of opinions and ones that went against my own feelings. I think I cared too much as how I will be perceived by others. Currently unless I have someone that I trust with me, I don’t ask for opinions…. I go with what is pleasing to me!

  16. I do like your new frames Pamela. If you are talking about Transitions lenses I absolutely love mine but my husband hates them for his glasses. To each his own!

  17. Good Advice, Susan. We really should trust ourselves more. Thanks for the encouragement!

  18. Exactly Marianne…now I know…and I was able to get them back to clear with no charge. Thanks so much!

  19. Your shoes look cute. I looked at them on site and the color choices just about made my head explode. Thank you for highlighting them.

  20. Hi Pam — I love Cobb Hill and have several styles. Can you tell what color you have on? Thanks!!!

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