Dillard’s Eileen Fisher Week Begins with a Spring Fashion Show

Last Saturday, I was pleased to attend a Eileen Fisher Spring Fashion Show at our North Star Mall Dillards.  It officially kicked off Eileen Fisher Week which goes through this Saturday with a special offer.  The event was fun with laughter, refreshments, a Fiesta theme (very San Antonio), and wonderful door prizes (so wish I won one of them!).But, of course, we were really all there to see Eileen Fisher for Spring…..

Now, you will have to join me in a month when I blog about our wonderful Fiesta celebration in San Antonio.  Then I will tell you the story of this guy…one of my favorite people…and his hats….Find more Eileen FIsher at Dillards looks below, and tell us….

Do you plan to wear any oranges or reds this spring?  Those were the stand out colors in this show…..now…




  1. Guess what my favorite thing about these photos are (besides the gorgeous colors).
    I LOVE that the models were all
    ” Normal sized” real women, not string beans. It’s so lovely to see fashion on a woman that has a realistic figure. Many of us are twice the woman we were when young. LOL
    I love the chartreuse sweater with the hi/low hem & the orange shift dress they are blank canvases ready to accessorize. Nice simple lines on most of the garments no excess frills make these a hit in my book.
    I definitely plan on bright colors for Spring & summer fashion.

    1. Thanks Becca. I was also pleased to see the models in this show..it was such a fun event by two of my favorite brands…Dillards and Eileen Fisher!

  2. It’s so refreshing to see the addition of the bright colors. When combing through the EF racks there is typically a lot of black, gray and ivory with some muted colors added in (might be due to this area of the country?). I have been adding brights for spring and summer and it’s nice to know that these were added to the EF line also. I love red and orange! I’ll have to pass this along to my sister who is a huge EF fan! Looks like a fun and very bright show!

    1. Thanks Karen…it was fun and I agree, it is nice to see the colors! Hope your sister enjoys the post.

  3. Oh how I wish I could have been at this fashion show. Your photos are great. The models look so happy. I love the decorations—so Mardi Gras, SA festival, Carnival, Sesame Street birthday party but for grown up ladies who want to dress well. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love the beautiful draping of the sweaters. So flattering! I agree with comments above on seeing “normal” sized women! I do not own any Eileen Fisher items, but I see a shopping trip in the near future!

  5. Orange is not good next to my pale yellow skin tones, pale green eyes and light brown hair. It works great on you gals with strong coloring! Red is OK for me if not red-orange, but more cool or clear red. (Can you tell I am an artist?)
    Great styles from EF!

  6. Hi Pam.
    I just purchased a bright orange long cardigan. I can’t wait to it wear it all spring. Heading to New Orleans tomorrow and I’m excited to wear it in some real spring temperatures! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I agree it is refreshing to see such attractive models. I like the clothes and the model’s facial expressions. I cannot wear orange but wear red. Your timing is perfect! I opened my closet, stepped back and saw black, navy and grey. So fun to add NEW colorful items!

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