News for Women of a Certain Age

Hello, everyone…pour a cup of coffee…take a seat…and enjoy News for Women of A Certain Age!  I love looking for these stories which might resonate with you and appreciate the support you have given to this feature.   Let’s begin with something fun…not really news…

I was looking at the online Thesaurus this week and saw this feature .WORDS AND PHRASES THAT WILL SHOW YOUR AGE…I had to laugh when the list began with Fuddy-Duddy!

The Better Business Bureau has sent out a Scam Alert related to Facebook.  Read about it HERE.

Could these be true?  I need to have a talk with my mother!  21 Facts That Will Make Your Realize Your Whole Life Is A Lie

Did you know about these???

This new survey about teens and cell phone usuage doesn’t surprise me, but I wonder if it is true for all ages.  Go the article HERE to see what this survey revealed.

Whether you are constantly on your phone or not, I truly hope you have a great weekend and if you are celebrating holidays with family…may they be special…and as always,



Now, for some more news, I recently discovered that Walmart sells a fun line of Farmhouse Decor and Funiture.  I love this aesthetic and was very pleased with some of the things I found.  So for those who love farmhouse…you might love some of these selections …..



  1. Fun articles here! The one about the outdated words and phrases…so many of those do seem funny now. I found out the hard way that some are still used, such as “hooking up.” While with my grandson (who is 19 now) I made the comment that maybe we could hook up with his girlfriend for lunch. Wrong, wrong, wrong, as he quickly corrected me! Little did I know the “new” meaning!! And I do remember hearing my mom saying so many of the “21 Facts!” I did believe them at one time!

    1. The story about your grandson is so funny, Karen. I have used a couple of these before and had younger co-workers ask me about them…I still don’t know why people said that someone fell off a turnip truck!! Happy weekend!

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