Hello, everyone…pour a cup of coffee…take a seat…and enjoy News for Women of A Certain Age!  I love looking for these stories which might resonate with you and appreciate the support you have given to this feature.   Let’s begin with something fun…not really news…

I was looking at the online Thesaurus this week and saw this feature .WORDS AND PHRASES THAT WILL SHOW YOUR AGE…I had to laugh when the list began with Fuddy-Duddy!

The Better Business Bureau has sent out a Scam Alert related to Facebook.  Read about it HERE.

Could these be true?  I need to have a talk with my mother!  21 Facts That Will Make Your Realize Your Whole Life Is A Lie

Did you know about these???

This new survey about teens and cell phone usuage doesn’t surprise me, but I wonder if it is true for all ages.  Go the article HERE to see what this survey revealed.

Whether you are constantly on your phone or not, I truly hope you have a great weekend and if you are celebrating holidays with family…may they be special…and as always,



Now, for some more news, I recently discovered that Walmart sells a fun line of Farmhouse Decor and Funiture.  I love this aesthetic and was very pleased with some of the things I found.  So for those who love farmhouse…you might love some of these selections …..


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