Spring is busting out all over our city, and this scene is a perfect depiction of the season to me.  While beautiful flowers are beginning to show, they really stand out even more with the bare trees of winter in the background.  Many of us are coming out of a winter of predominantely neutrals and accessories are one of the best ways to have stand out style right now…accessories become our own mountain laurels against the bare trees.

One of the best ways to find unique,stand out, affordable pieces is on ETSY.  I always have fun shopping ETSY and experiencing the talents of so many around the nation.  So, I selected some fun accessories below for you to see what is currently in some of the ETSY shops.

I am concluding Spring Break with my grand children, so I hope to be back tomorrow with some outfits I have transitioned into Spring with starring my accessories….until then…

KEEP SMILING!!  And tell us, do you ever shop Etsy…..


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