Spring Wardrobe Staples: The White Jacket

For me, a white jacket is a necessity in my spring wardrobe.  I love the versatility and the structure.  Whether I am dressing for work or casual, a white jacket is always a great choice.  So, when I saw this military-style white jacket at White House Black Market, I decided to add it to my wardrobe. This is another brand which offers great fit options for different body types and I was very pleased with the fit of this one.  For now, I like to wear it with colors such as this military green blouse from Chicos…as the we get more into spring, I will wear it with lighter, brighter colors.  I think I own three different style of white structured jackets…they are a staple for my spring/summer wardrobe and they look great with denim also.

Now, yesterday’s post was so much fun!  I loved reading your different choices for the garment most ordered by attendees at the luncheon.  A few of you got it right…the winner is

This jacket was the hit of the show!  San Antonio ladies love to wear color and they proofed it that day.

What is your favorite staple in your spring wardrobe?  Please share and, as always….



  1. I completely agree about white jackets. I love the style of the one you are wearing. I’ve seen those at WHBM and think they are so flattering. I have only one white jacket/blazer, but it is a workhorse and one I’ll keep. I LOVE it with the olive green! I have been adding olive green pieces to my wardrobe and will definitely wear this combination after seeing it on you! What a great combination! I’m not surprised about the jacket that is the winner! I kind of figured it is that way with San Antonio women and chose it for that reason! Believe me, we could use more color here in the Midwest and I for one am going to be adding brighter colors (pinks, corals, yellow) for spring and summer.

  2. The colored jacket is a real winner! – Pam, I agree with you that a white jacket is a must-have. I love me a white denim jacket. It elevates any outfit! Your white military jacket looks sharp with the fatigue green blouse!

  3. In San Antonio, we do love our color! The brighter the better. I also love white with the olive green…one of my favorite combinations. Hope you like it when you try it, Karen.

  4. Do you know where those of us not in San Antonio can get that wonderfully colorful jacket? I was one of the correct guesses. I love it!

  5. My NEW favorite staple this spring is a cotton navy dress. I pair it with a white cardigan but would like a cute white jacket. I’m adding colorful scarves and necklaces. It’s fun and flattering. I’m just now learning how to elevate my basics. I have learned from you, thank you! 🙂

  6. I have summer white jackets in a variety of fabrics and styles. I also have winter white wool jackets for winter. Often when I’m looking for “just the right jacket” to put with an outfit, white (or winter white) is the one that makes the cut. I wouldn’t be without them. As for the military green blouse–that’s a color I didn’t think I’d wear, but when it became popular last Fall I begin buying pieces and love them. I was so surprised how many colors go well with it–convinced initially by the pics in magazines, catalogs and websites. I stopped saying, “I would never wear…” a long time ago.

  7. Ha! I guessed wrong! The jacket that won is not my favorite by a long shot, but as my Grandma always told me it would be a boring world if we all had the same taste. I DO like your white jacket. One of my favorite pieces of clothing is a beautiful lightweight and comfortable sweater with partially open sleeves. The cut is just great for me. It’s very versatile and can be worn with a variety of pants and jackets. I love it so much I guess I wore it too much, I noticed that the majority of family pics included me in that sweater lol. Time for a little more variety!

  8. Yes, Katie. Call Barbara Lozano at a boutique called Andie & Barbara at the corner of Nacogdoches and North New Braunfels. Tell Barbara you saw the jacket on my blog. She can order one for you and has all of these lovely clothes available in her boutique.

  9. Thanks, Linda…so happy I have been able to help. Your dress sounds great!

  10. I am there with you, Nina..I have learned not to say I Will Never…that usually means, I will at some point! This green is one of my favorite colors now.

  11. Pictures usually tell us what we might not be aware of…I know that from experience. Thanks Elaine. San Antonio ladies love that jacket!

  12. I am so tickled I guessed the most ordered jacket. It did not make sense to my head but my gut said go with the blue and orange stripe one. If you go with the color or texture or shape that clicks with your gut, it’ll always be right.

  13. What a lovely white jacket! It looks terrific paired with the green blouse. I have a white denim jacket that I wear more than I ever expected to. It’s become a staple during the spring and summer.

  14. I like your white jacket paired with the olive green blouse. I’m about to order an olive green sleeveless blouse that I can wear under a jacket. My jacket wearing season here is pretty short, because by late May, it will be too humid to comfortably wear a structured jacket. But right now it would be great!

  15. Inspiration just struck. I’m going to my 50th high school reunion in Honolulu this summer. The jacket will be perfect!! Thanks a bunch!

  16. Wow,I would never have guessed that jacket!Guess San Antonio is way different from my city.
    Also,I love your white jacket and its versatility.

  17. I don’t wear white jackets often but this inspires me! I did not guess that jacket because I thought most people would play it safe but I love it and would definitely wear it. Good for you SA!

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