We all know the world of retail is changing at a rapid pace, and it is refreshing to see a favorite retailer like Macy’s developing new ways to keep in- store- shopping an experience worth leaving the computer to enjoy.  The Market at Macy’s is a special area of the store for pop-up shops by rising. unique designers and brands.

The only bad news here is there are only ten Market at Macy’s locations in the country.  To my delight, San Antonio has one at Macy’s in Northstar Mall.  I had a lovely time visiting with Barb, the store manager and learning more about the current shops in our store. Out of the shops I saw last weekend, I had two favorites.  First was the jewelry by designer Kinsley Armelle….(ok, my granddaughter’s name is Kinsley, but this is also beautiful jewelry)! Of course, a set of bracelets had to come home with me!!  I love these…they are so chic and unique…you can mix and add any way you like.

And, I adore the Love Pop cards.  These amazing three dimensional creations became famous from Shark Tank when Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary) invested in the venture.  Now, that I have see them up close, I will always want to send a Love Pop.The Market at Macy’s is such a fun experience with clothing, jewelry, specialties, eyebrow threading and on and on.  It truly makes shopping Macy’s a full day trip…it was already fun, but now so much more.

On my way out, the shoe sale called my name and two new pair of sandals came home with me.  I have always loved Macy’s!  If you are also in one of the cities with a Market at Macy’s, let me know what you think….

What do you think of this concept for major retailers?


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