Yes…A Third Fashion Show with the Over 60 Models!

I was asked to be behind scenes in one more fashion show with these lovely ladies.  It has been all about sharing Spring Fashion Inspiration to luncheons filled with women over 50.  Many have placed orders of the pieces they have seen on real women.    Let’s do this…pick out the garment you believe was the most ordered garment from this show.  I will tell you which one it is tomorrow!!All of these lovely ladies were styled by San Antonio boutique owner, Barbara Lozano of Andie & Barbara.  Remember, out of these selections, tell us which one you think was the garment ordered the most by those in attendance at the show!



  1. Hmmmm……I’m guessing the black sparkly jacket in the third photo that the lady on the right is wearing.

  2. I’m torn between the jacket in the 5th photo down (thinking that it is San Antonio and I think color shows up more there than it does in Ohio!)and the pink shawl/wrap. I really enjoy seeing photos from these shows and how all sizes of models style things to look so nice! Looks like such a fun event. I also love that orange purse!

  3. Oops! 6th photo down. I didn’t count correctly! The colorful jacket in the 6th photo down!

  4. Got your vote, Karen and yes…these are fun…a great group to be behind the scenes with.

  5. My favorites are the fuschia wrap and the black and white striped jacket with the upturned collar. This was a fun post. Thanks.

  6. I’d purchase that tan jacket with the D-rings, but the orchid poncho is quite fetching too! All the ladies look so very lovely and stylish. All the outfits are outstanding! I enjoyed the post very much.

  7. I will reveal the winner tomorrow and the striped pants are a contender!

  8. What a fun post! I’m going to pick the black jacket with white leaves in the third photo down. It’s so striking!

  9. I like the striped and circle jacket in blues and oranges. It just catches my eye, looks like spring and summer, and fun. It makes me think of bubbles and beach balls.
    All the ladies look wonderful in the fashions. If I had attended it, I would have spent myself broke.

  10. I’m guessing the sixth photo down – stripes and bubbles – so colorful and fun!

  11. The Black jacked, 3rd picture down. Definitely a keeper. So many ways to wear this jacket.

  12. The ladies are very nice. It’s good to see the colors they love. Will you present dresses next time?
    Best Regards, Eva

  13. Cobalt blue jacket and shell with white and black stripes in first picture. Most universal color and style of all the selections and the only thing I would have. I’ve sworn off black. Fun challenge!

  14. I can’t even render a guess. I love every single piece they are wearing. It’s probably just as well I don’t live close to that store!

  15. Possibly the most ordered was the cobalt blue jacket & tank in the 1st pic
    since it could be worn to any event and be “in style”. However, my choice is the colorful tunic with flowing pants in the last pic. The model looks stunning in this outfit!! Very colorful and artistic print tops in this show; also love the striped wide leg pants. Thanks for sharing all the pics of the lovely models.

  16. I would have to go with the black studded jacket. The rest are too much pattern or too short to pair with skinny pants or leggings and I like a little younger style such as Chico’s or WHBM.

  17. I think the 8th photo – the red haired lady with the black, yellow, and white shirt but they are all beautiful!

  18. Well…I think it could be the sparkly black jacket in the third pic. But it could also be the beautiful and colorful tunic and n the last pic. My first impression was that it was the sparkly black jacket so I’ll go with that one. I love both of those pieces.

  19. Wow! What a beautiful group of ladies! All the outfits are very lovely, but I’m going to guess the black/white stripe jacket outfit…stripes are always elongating, a jacket is a win for versatility and Black is just so classic. I love the colorful poncho and the rhinestone jacket too! This was fun!

  20. I like the 3rd photo, the left model with the short white hair – the leaf patterned tunic/jacket…..a very “outstanding” look. 😉

  21. Great outfits! White shirt would be my guess. Everyone always looks classy in a white shirt, either when dressed up or down. Also like the black multi colored jacket & black/white bomber jacket, in 3rd to last photo.

  22. I love the top with stripes and circles! Not sure how popular but I would buy it!

  23. I’m torn between the orchid poncho & the print top in photo #8.
    My personal favorite is the royal blue jacket because that is color that I have been told is very flattering on me.

  24. I think it’s the cobalt blue striped jacket with the colorful circles as it’s eyecatching and the “something different” boutique shoppers would like. Runner up is the outfit with the black and cream striped pants. Just because it is pretty, because the silhouette of pants is changing,and the stripes are a bold and trendy look.

  25. I’m loving the moto style jacket with the d rings, myself. I can’t tell if it’s off white, a light dusty pink or even beige from the photo, but I would wear it without question. Maybe this particular piece won’t be the most ordered item, but I love it because it’s a fresh take on this very hot style of jacket. I do also love the sparkly jacket; that would also find a place in my wardrobe. I say, keep these ladies and fashions coming! Thanks for sharing, Pamela!

  26. You are so welcome, Kathy…this has been fun to see what everyone says.

  27. It is a stunning piece. I put a little video of her walking in it on my Instagram.

  28. It is a fun store..and store owner, Barbara, is such a talented and sweet woman!

  29. The black and white jacket with the vertical stripes.

    I would have chosen the colorful jacket with the sripes and circles. Love the colors.

  30. I was unable to see all the fotos,don’t ask why! So l won’t vote. But will say that they all looked very lovely and elegant,especially the lady in the blue and white jacket in the first foto.

  31. Wow – everyone looks fabulous!! I don’t know what the most ordered item was, but I would buy the yellow/black shirt and the matching necklace.

  32. Your presentation was terrific. I had no idea you did all that. I loved all the comments. Thanks so much. Barbara

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