Fashion Over 50: Monthly Style Tip for April

It’s the First Friday of the month of April and this is when I offer one main tip for us to think about this month.  As I was researching my “News” post I ran across this article, THIS 10-SECOND FASHION TRICK TAKES EVERY OUTFIT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.The idea behind the article is pretty much what I do each morning.  I own a closet which is predominantly neutral but provides me with many options.  After I select what I am going to wear, I look in the mirror and ask myself What Would Make This More Fun or More Interesting?  Then I usually add accessories after that.  I always want to communicate my creativity and this is one way I do it.

So, here is the monthly style tip. With each outfit this month,

  1.  Take the time to ask what would make this look pop…more fun…more interesting
  2. Pick some accessories you may have not worn for awhile and find ways to wear them
  3. Than let us know at the end of the month…How did it go?  Did you like your looks more when you were purposeful to to make a more interesting look? I am going to bring out some of my fun warmer weather pieces and begin to wear them.

Now, let me have a drumroll please, the winner of the $100 Gift Card from Sears is DEBRA BAILEY!  Congratulations, Debra and thanks to everyone who entered.

What did you think about the article and the idea of being purposeful to add one statement piece per outfit?  Let us know…then



  1. I saved the article, and yet again, you gave me some great food for thought. So many times we race around in the morning and might neglect this simple trick! It makes all the difference. I love your necklace. I plan to add a couple statement necklaces after reading this. I only have a couple, and this is an easy way to punch up a neutral outfit!

  2. Great article as always! Could you provide some info on your pants? Are they gathered at the bottom? They look very comfortable, which is always a giant plus.

    1. I have had these pants for a few years, Katie. They are from Chicos and are designed like athletic pants. I always thought they were different and kind of cool. They are very comfortable.

  3. That shade of green is just lovely with your hair color! And that necklace is stunning! Thanks for the helpful article, Pam.

  4. Good article and great tips, Pam. I tend to get in a rut and wear the same earrings and rings. I’m going to try and wear some different accessories this month!

    1. Thank you so much, Esther. I am going to speak more about where I find statement pieces in the next post.

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