This is the last I MATTER post about my recent I MATTER Cleanse…if you need background on the cleanse….read the first POST HERE, and the second post HERE.  A friend walked up to me this week and said, you look amazing…what are you doing?  Well, my hair, makeup and clothing were all the same since I last saw her, but my countenance and attitude were off-the-charts better.  In fact, if there was a joy meter, I think mine would be hitting the top level.

What I reflected on this week, was how I spend my time.  I had allowed work to consume me and some bad attitudes from work to sink into my spirit.  That is the biggest reason I needed a cleanse…two weeks of time (a staycation if you will) to spend just on me!  Not for selfish reasons, but for good health, attitude and the ability to do more for others, by returning to being the best ME. It was good to remember what I love and enjoy doing.  It was good for reflection about decisions in the past four years. There are two important future posts coming up…the week of May 14 there will be a big post on my blood pressure and what I learned the last two weeks, and the week of May 7, I will reveal to you big news on a new project, which is also related to the importance of  having these two weeks to strengthen and refresh me.  My intention with every post is that there will be readers who are educated, encouraged, and inspired by the lessons I learn…good and bad.

I saw this sign in Target this week and thought PERFECT, because I have been aware during this time, that I had become a little ungrateful.  So, I have started each day (for me in prayer) reflecting on gratitude and all I am so grateful for.  This helped to clean out the stress and anxiety I had carried from work.  I feel rejuvenated just focusing on thankfulness.

One day this week, a springtime storm rolled in while I was working at home.  Instead of continuing to work, I closed the computer, and went to our guest bedroom on the second floor.  I opened the shutters and laid there just watching the rain, lightening, and listening to the thunder roll.  It was amazing.  I had not done this in so long…such a peaceful, refreshing way to spend an afternoon,

I continued to up my game at the gym this week, and I truly hope to keep it going.  But, I also took the time to listen to what my body was telling me about the increased work.  Yes, I had more energy, and I felt stronger and better; but my body also warned me a couple of times, not to overdue it or an injury could occur.  I considered three strength training workouts this week, but my body felt fatigued after the second one, so I stuck with cardio on the trendmill instead.  It is important to gently push ourselves, but also to take time to  listen to our bodies and not go so hard that we end up with an injury.  I learned that the hard way a few years ago and had to sit out for awhile giving an injury time to heal.  It was nice to focus my time on me and listen to what I needed to hear about my own health.

I also heard my body telling me I need to cut back on salt.  I had not picked up on this before, because my time was so divided.  But I hear it loud and clear now and am working to make some necessary changes…I am always making food changes…maybe someday I can report the battle has been won!

I officially ended my concentrated Pam-time with a day of pampering…hair, mani/pedi, and facial…all in one day.  It was so much fun to get it done all at once…I felt like Dorothy in the Emerald City preparing to see the all mighty Wizard!  I had not had a facial in months, adding it in there just made the day even more special and energizing.

Time is short…life is short.  I think if anything is consuming us and keeping us from caring for ourselves or robbing our joy, then we need to STOP, and re-focus our time.  When I took the time to listen to me these last two weeks, I learned so much about myself…not just my health, but also about some decisions I have made in the last 2-3 years.  It was inciteful…convicting…encouraging…and humbling all at the same time.  Again, more later on this the week of May 7.

Here is what I would like readers to walk away with today…I found this in my order from Juice Plus…

It is the perfect way to sum up all that I have walked away with the last two weeks.  Now, I am ready to go out and be the change.

Do you listen to what your body and mind is telling you?  Not only do you listen, do you react to what you hear?  Please share….and ……………………………………….


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