New Beauty Products for Women Over 50

I love how the founder of Soft Surroundings, Robin Sheldon, travels the world looking for the best offerings for her brand, which really targets women over 50.  I have always trusted and liked the products offered, especially in the beauty department.  That is why when I noticed they had added Rodial to the list, I was curious about the brand.  I set my curiousity aside until, Project Runway Allstars ran.  I am an avid Project Runway fan. This particular season, Rodial was the beauty sponsor and handled the makeup for all of the models.

So, I returned to Soft Surroundings and asked to sample, Rodial…a brand founded by a woman and former journalist.  I really love both the Airbrush Makeup and the mascara.  The foundation is so light and does not settle into wrinkles. It has full coverage with a silky smooth finish after it is worked in with a great brush.  It really is a beautiful product and makes my skin look so smoothe…and, yes, youthful!

I am pretty picky about mascara, and I was told this was a high quality product and the number one pick of the majority of Soft Surroundings beauty managers in-store.  I can see why…it goes on so well, with not clumps and makes my lashes stand up and look lovely without an eyelash curler.

I highly recommend both products.  In the slideshow, below I have tested all of these products and like each one.  You will love Jane Iredale products and all she represents.  Take a visit below to the Soft Surroundings beauty page online, and if you can visit one of the stores, do so.  The beauty area is amazing and you can test these things for yourself.

Do you still wear foundation like I do?  Please answer and…………..




Disclaimer:  I was given product to review, and the words of this review are my own.


  1. I just got a Soft Surroundings gift card for my birthday! I am combing the website for things I want to try when my sister and I go for our annual shopping weekend in Columbus! I wear a tinted moisturizer (Inner Light by Aveda)that works well. I have avoided foundation due to it typically highlighting imperfections, but this one that you feature apparently doesn’t do that. I’d be willing to try anything that is light yet evens out skin tone. I’ll be checking out the make up when we go to Soft Surroundings. You recommended that before and it would be fun to try some products when we are there!

    1. When you visit the store, Karen…ask them to sample the makeup. It is a good way to try before you buy! Have fun…their stores are lovely…including the bathrooms!!

  2. I am scrupulous about changing my mascara every three months, and for this reason I buy inexpensive drugstore brands so I don’t feel as if I’m throwing a lot of money away. I’m not sure if I’m missing out by failing to buy $25 and up mascaras. Can any of your readers enlighten me? Pam, I agree with your implied belief that the best makeup is a smile!

    1. Well…I will always think the best makeup is a smile, Janet! I am very picky about mascara…since my eyes seem to be my feature…and the higher priced mascaras are worth it to me. But, I know there are several good brands on many prices points. I do like Loreal.

  3. In the past i have spent $25+ for mascara but my current favorite is Lash Paradise by Loreal. Everytime I use it, I am amazed at my lashes LOL.
    Not sure if Soft Surroundings have stores in Canada?
    I struggle with finding THE foundation as my skin has a very oil T zone and dry cheeks . I am currently using IT Cosmetics CC cream.

    1. Hi Esther, I use a serum with retinol every morning after a light exfolliation. I like it amd I really like using the serum before a moisturizing cream.I hope that helps…

  4. Continuing: does this foundation actually cover your imperfections and also not settle into the deeper winkles around mouth. Does this mascara not clump with 2 coats?

    1. Yes…it covers and it does not settle. That has been my number one probelem to avoid in the alst couple of years. I like this one for the lightness, coverage, and not settling in the wrinkles.

  5. I wear foundation 5-6 days a week and buy very good brands which really make a difference. I buy a drugstore brand of mascara. I have never found a higher end brand of mascara that does a better job. I love makeup and am always trying new things.

    1. With so many great products, it is fun to experiment…isn’t it? Thanks so much for commenting Janet!

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