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Welcome to News for Women of Certain Age ….where I select stories I have discovered which may be of interest to you.  Feel free to comment on any of these!  Now, let’s see what’s blooming in the headlines!A new study has discovered something interesting about what happens when we start an exercise program and then stop.  Read Study Results HERE.From the Today Show, three hairstyles which are meant to make us look 10 years younger.  See them here…then tell us what you think in the comments.Most of us grew up eating meat loaf, so i thought you might like a new twist on the dish from The Hallmark Channel.  Find the new recipe HERE.

Finally, AARP gives us some new ideas for cleaning our pillows!  Check out the story HERE.

I will be honest and say that I rarely clean the pillows!  Perhaps it would help my allergies if I did!  I’m a little convicted. (Yes! I clean the pillow cases) Despite that…I hope everyone will


Another big news story is that Bloomingdale’s Big Friends and Family Sale from April 6-15 featuring discounts of up to 25% off and free shipping.  I found a few items below that I placed on a wish list!


  1. I don’t clean my pillows very often either… certainly nowhere near every 3 months!

    I agree that a hairstyle can age us or erase a few years from our look, but I disagree with the idea that short hair is always more youthful looking than long. I kept my hair short for many years and then decided on a whim to grow it out which I’ve been doing for the past year. As I did, my natural unruly curls came out to play! I’m 65 and I’ve been told over and over that I look younger now. Recently, I tried straightening my hair just to see how that would look and I was flabbergasted by the old woman in the mirror! That aged me terribly, so I’ll be keeping the curly look which is so much easier anyway.

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