Have I piqued your interest with the “art meets science cocktail,” and what it has to do with personal style?  Well read on….the last week and a half have been about relaxing, doing things I love, and getting back to my old self again.  I had allowed stress and work to wear me down.  As I explained last week, I moved my home office upstairs and reorganized.  Amidst that re-organization, I re-discovered some books I love.  One of them is “Forever Chic: Frenchwomen’s Secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style, and Substance,” by Tish Jett, a journalist, author, blogger, wife,  mother, grandmother, and American living in France.

This book helped me to learn what felt right when I was dressing.  I learned that my love of neutrals was more than fine, and not boring by any means.  “Think about it,” Tish writes. ” With neutrals, a woman can always pull something out of the closet and pull herself together without hysteria in record time.  Everything goes together naturally, no mess, no stress.”

“Frenchwomen of a certain age have built their wardrobes upon a foundation of neutrals.  They add spice with a few magical, highly personal finds.  That way they “own”  the look.  They are masters of the art-meets-science-cocktail.  Science is the structure.  Art is the refinement, the individualization of the whole.  It’s the artistic twists that transform the ubiquitous into the unusual, the unique.”

According to Tish, Frenchwomen believe “it is all about feeling good in your clothes.  That’s when a woman has style.”

My wardrobe is built on a solid foundation of neutrals, and I often go that direction more than any…though I have learned to love prints, colors, and artistic fashion.  However, an outfit like this one just feels like ME.

The Joan Vaas Leggings are from Marshalls

The cream tunic by sejour is a thrift find at The Garment Exchange (My final piece from last week’s shopping) . (Note:  The Link is for her Ebay shop!)

The gold Tory Burch flats were from a Nordstrom sale a couple of years ago.

The Marie Necklace by Kathleen Nowak Tucci was created from recycled rubber fabric and is available at Artful Home.

I have owned this clutch so long that I really have no memory of where it came from…sad, but true.

This is how I neutrals (the science) and mix it with my own form of art.  If you are interested in Tish’s Book…it is HERE.

I also found some fun pieces for your consideration below.  But, tell us…what does a typical outfit for you look like when you are wearing something that feels like you?  Do you know?  Does the science/art theory make sense to you?  Please share……and, as always,



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