Seasonal Clothes Need Seasonal Necklaces

With a small closet, I change out my seasonal clothing and put away the colder weather garments to bring out the warmer weather ones.  Just as I do that with clothing, I also bring out some of my warmer weather accessories.  In Texas, we do not wear scarves that often from now to October…just too hot to wrap around the neck.  So necklaces are the way to go for me.  I love the ones with shells, tourquoise, and lighter colors.  I don’t often wear these except from March through the end of September.  Since part of my I MATTER focus this week has been to get the house organized, I also wanted to take time to find these warmer weather accessories and begin to wear them.  I love fun necklaces (as many of you know) and I keep them in a really big hat box in zip lock bags.  If I ever come up with a different way I will let you know…this works for now.  All ideas are welcome, though.

Does anyone else own jewelry you only wear in the warmer months? If not, you might want to check out some of the fun pieces below…  Please share…and



  1. I got so tired of my winter clothes that I changed over this past weekend. Today it’s snowing. Doesn’t matter, I’m done!! I do lighten up the jewelry for summer, nothing too heavy. We can typically wear scarves all year, but lighter weight in spring and summer. My jewelry is on belt hangers in rows on the wall in my closet. Works for now! I have faith that spring weather will come soon!

  2. We usually have 5-6 months of snow and then the other 3 seasons in the remaining 6 months. Our summers don’t get hotter than 80F so very comfortable. I converted one of my small bedrooms into a big closet so I don’t change have to change clothes according to the seasons.
    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have spent almost 40 years working in scrubs so I am lacking in the jewelery department. Need to find my style ……

  3. Living on the Canadian prairie, I have two distinct wardrobes, one for winter and one for spring through to fall with not a lot of overlap. I do a complete closet switch twice a year, but I’ve never thought of switching out my jewelry seasonally.

  4. Think about what you want your clothing and accessories to communicate about you, Teresa. It really helps to look in the mirror and ask…what does this say about me. As I controlled the messages, I found my style!

  5. It is fun to switch out a few seasonal, fashion jewlery pieces ….helps to enjoy the seasonal changes.

  6. I also do a full seasonal switch – except for jeans and a few t-shirts as our weather goes from one extreme to the other. We’ve just come through a 3 day ice-storm and it snowed again yesterday so Spring clothes are still a few weeks away. The switchover is a bit less complicated as I’m not working at the moment – but I’ll still keep a few office appropriate things to one side as I look for part-time work.
    I do actually have some scarves and jewelry that is more weather appropriate (hot or cold), along with pieces that work for both. It’s mostly fun necklaces & earrings in brighter colours or fun designs and it is always fun to bring them to the forefront. I look forward to it – if this winter ever ends!

  7. I so hope it ends for you soon…I know it has been difficult. So wear your jewelry and have hope, Margie!

  8. Pam, I use the zip lock bag jewelry storage method too! ? . I keep mine in boxes I stack up… I realized I have these boxes labeled too (long, pendant, turquoise, winter, summer, etc). GMTA!? ??

  9. We live in North Texas, so I understand what you mean about “lightening up” in the summer months. However, I still wear a “winter” piece depending on the look I’m going for on any given day. I store my jewelry in craft boxes I’ve purchased at Michael’s/Joann’s/Hobby Lobby which are sold as bead containers. They come in a tray configuration with changeable divider slides so I can make room for some of my larger statement pieces. This works well for me and with the opaque cover I can see everything without having to open the lid. They stack neatly in my closet and take up very little room, especially when you consider how much jewelry I have (yikes!!!)!

  10. In July and August, I wear necklaces which are part cord-like and part chain. The chain does not touch my neck. I find them comfortable and easy to shop for. Some have no chain/metal. So many choices with wearable art! The summer pieces are my favorite because I struggle with finding summer clothes. Necklaces balance and personalize my otherwise bland summer look (which I am working on, lol).

  11. Oh…I think I am going to separate them into catagories in boxes like you have done, Betty. Love that idea!

  12. Etsy has some cool necklaces. I am having fun shopping for my shop site here.

  13. Yikes for me too. So many of mine are too big and chunky for the bead boxes. But it is a great idea for smaller pieces. Thanks Michele.

  14. I think many of us struggle a bit with warmer weather clothing, and you are right, accessories make these hot weather styles more fun! Thanks Linda.

  15. You always come up with creative and useful topics Pam! I also keep my necklaces in zip lock bags (small bags with pieces of a similar or related color—e.g., amethyst, rose quartz, etc–are stored within a large bag), but I’m finding this cumbersome, and often don’t wear any jewelry because I don’t want to look through the bags. Definitely I need to find a better system, and am delighted you brought up this topic.

  16. Great Elisa….does anyone out there have some suggestions for storage of multiple costume jewelry pieces?? We would love to know your ideas.

  17. I probably have an average amount of jewelry. I have a mirrored jewelry box with 2 drawers and dividers for rings in the top of the box. It has a clear glass lid which helps me decide easily what I want to where. I also have a “tree” for bracelets and some necklaces , but my main jewelry organizer is 3 8″ bars that screw into the narrow wall inside my closet . Each bar has 4 cup hooks on it for hanging necklaces. I painted the bars a metallic bronze which has a nice texture. I like them because the hooks are spaced 2″ apart so I can use them for thick/statement pieces. I also have extra wall space for long pendants. I bought them at Lowes for $7 each. It makes me feel so organized !

  18. I have a jewelry armoire. It has lots of draws fir organizing and two areas on the side with hooks for longer necklaces. Each draw is organized according to the type of jewelry or the brand … I have a lot of Kendra Scott and Brighton . I am not a very organized person but having the armoire helps and it looks very pretty.

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