With a small closet, I change out my seasonal clothing and put away the colder weather garments to bring out the warmer weather ones.  Just as I do that with clothing, I also bring out some of my warmer weather accessories.  In Texas, we do not wear scarves that often from now to October…just too hot to wrap around the neck.  So necklaces are the way to go for me.  I love the ones with shells, tourquoise, and lighter colors.  I don’t often wear these except from March through the end of September.  Since part of my I MATTER focus this week has been to get the house organized, I also wanted to take time to find these warmer weather accessories and begin to wear them.  I love fun necklaces (as many of you know) and I keep them in a really big hat box in zip lock bags.  If I ever come up with a different way I will let you know…this works for now.  All ideas are welcome, though.

Does anyone else own jewelry you only wear in the warmer months? If not, you might want to check out some of the fun pieces below…  Please share…and


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