The Robe Closet: Luxury We Deserve + A Mother’s Day Special

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It is nothing but perfect timing that as I return to taking care of myself, I discover The Robe Closet, and their luxurious robes.  One of the reasons I love springtime is to have coffee on my patio in crisp cool mornings and wearing this luxurious comfortable robe just makes the moment even better.The Robe Closet is the vision of Lee Ann McCarthy, a grandmother like many of us, who is working a full time job and following her dream on the side. Her dream is to bring women a lucious, enjoyable way to relax.  Lee Ann was searching for the perfect robe for herself, and when it could not be found, she decided to find a way to offer luxury robes.  I am wearing The Classic Plush Robe, which comes in six different colors…this is the midnight blue. I love the fact it zips all the way down and can be slipped into jacket style.  So often, I get chilly when working at home in early morning or late evening hours, and as I get older, I find myself getting a chill more often.Now, don’t laugh at me, but I have been wearing my old wrap robe held closed with a diaper pin!  Yep, the ones with a ducky head on them!  Because I lost the tie.  The Robe Closet has now taken care of that problem!  This gorgeous robe zips closed and is beautiful for answering the door bell or even going out to water flowers.  So goodbye to the ducky and hello to a luxurious gift which will be with me through quite, restful moments.This is a great gift for any of you to request for Mother’s Day or to gift to an elderly mother or even a daughter or DIL. I understand that this is a special present, and will only be of interest to a few.  But for those of you who can gift luxury, you will want to check this out.   All of the colors of burgundy, midnight blue, storm grey, blush pink, sky blue, or pale aqua are so pretty; it is an easy ankle length; and I love it when something this luxurious is machine washable.  So, just for being a reader of this blog you can order and recieve a 20% discount.  For the discount code at checkout, use over50feeling40.

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  1. I love to bundle up in a robe, and am even looking for a delicate floral one for summer (not for bundling in the summer, but just to have the luxury when enjoying that morning cup of coffee!) I’m going to check these out. Such a cute but relatable story about the diaper pin! I have a wrap style robe that fortunately has belt loops so I tend to not lose the belt, but I’d sure do something like that if I did! I love to take my coffee outside in the morning like you are doing here when the weather cooperates. That is my summertime weekend luxury! Can’t wait! Will check out the robes!

    1. I just came in from sitting out with my coffee, Karen. I am enjoying a little mini-vacation time and it is such a treat! I hope you find your floral robe for summer mornings…I bet yours are more refreshing than mine down here!

  2. Thanks for sharing a new pamper me place to shop! I have been looking for a LONG robe that goes past mid-calf for years now. The one you have on looks like it is long enough. Just wondering how tall are you?

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have not been able to find a robe like this in over 25 years. It looks like this one is a perfect length! So many of them are too short!

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