Fashion Over 50: Monthly Style Tip for May

It’s time for the Monthly Style Tip for Women over 50.  I select one thought to keep in mind for the month as you dress and plan to look your confident best!  Florals are huge this year…flowers are literally growing all over our stores and favorite websites.  I know…they are always on trend…but every now and then they are BIG on trend.  Like this year.

I believe we have to be very careful with florals.  If the fit is not right, and the design over sized and over powering, then your look can easily be frumpy or aging.  I love florals, but I try to find ways to tone them down a bit and work better for me in a more modern way.  Like this INC top from Macy’s.  I love red floral and I always drawn to it…this top is a wrap design with elastic at the bottom, so it flatters my figure and covers some of the puffiness at my waist (a nice way of saying…my fat).  I can wear this with just about any jacket, but I really like it with this saffron color on top for a more modern feel to the look.  My shoes and bracelet are actually copper colors.  This is how I prefer floral…rather than an all over affect.  I also like floral in accessories…such as this scarf I have modeled for you before.

Floral accessories or simple tops under a jacket can keep them from making us look too old, or too frumpy.  That is the May style tip…because let’s face it, Spring is Blooming Out All Over!

I am taking you back to the Macy’s Sale with some more great selections below.  They have many sleeveless tops like this one.  I love the INC collection…it is youthful, modern, and has many pieces that work for ladies over 50 who love fashion.  The top I am wearing is the first on in the slide show below!

How do you feel about the floral trend?  Are you in or out?  Do you have your own way of making it work for you?  Please tell us and then……keep smiling!




  1. Hi Pam! Nice Macy selections! I especially am drawn to the Coach bag! I enjoy floral patterns in small doses…usually a pretty top such as the one you are wearing here. Pretty!

  2. Thanks so much Betty…that bag also comes in other floral colors. Happy Wednesday!

  3. Your top is beautiful! I love red and coral florals also! I think what works with florals is how yours is done here. There aren’t competing colors to consider, it’s all one color family and the flowers are sharp and well-placed. The wrap style is always flattering. For many of us, once we pass through menopause, the puffy stomach appears and is much, much harder to banish. Wrap styles work very well, and tops that don’t cling work well. I personally love florals, and do seek out the more artsy pieces. Small, faded flowers on a garment take it straight to frump to my eye. You have shown how to do it! I also LOVE the white top with the pink flowers that you feature in your selections! I’m having a pink moment at the present time! You have beautifully illustrated how florals can be modern and yet classic!

  4. Thanks so much, Karen. I have made many mistakes with florals and hopefully learned by them! The more modern designs and simplicity is the way to avoid frumpy world!

  5. I love the idea of florals – and there are many beautiful versions out there – but they just never seem to work for me except in accessories – I’m just too short & round. 🙂
    I do love a lovely floral scarf – I think that’s just enough impact for me – but I have to say that I do rather like that clutch purse – very cute!

  6. Do you find a shorter and more fitted jacket loos better on you and makes your legs look longer – more so than the this longer more loser fitting jacket. Just asking for myself. How tall are you? Love how the jeans look on you.

  7. I usually wear florals in accessories, Margie. This red top is a new venture for me.

  8. Hi Esther, I am 5’8″ and yes, shorter jackets do for the most part look better. I have a combination of both, but a shorter jacket with increase the leg line. The denim is the metro leggings from Soft Surroundings…it is more of a skinny pant than a legging…I love them and have several pair.

  9. I could not really were a floral top any other way than this. I like how this one works with the jacket..which is an older purchase from Chicos! Thanks Jennifer!

  10. My sister-in-law came to our monthly breakfast get together with a very pretty floral tote. It looked so fresh & pretty. I tend to do florals in small doses-accessories or embroidery on a top.

  11. I think your outfit works especially well because of using all the primary colors. I often think if one is getting out of a neutral, that combo looks rich and chic. I like floral shoes and bags, and have a lot of floral scarves. I have almost no floral clothing and am fine with riding this trend out. I especially don’t go for very small flowers in pastels – they remind me of the royal family at meet-and-greets. You styled this perfectly: decent scaled floral corralled by a solid jacket in a fresh color. And the copper is the perfect metal.

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