It’s time for the Monthly Style Tip for Women over 50.  I select one thought to keep in mind for the month as you dress and plan to look your confident best!  Florals are huge this year…flowers are literally growing all over our stores and favorite websites.  I know…they are always on trend…but every now and then they are BIG on trend.  Like this year.

I believe we have to be very careful with florals.  If the fit is not right, and the design over sized and over powering, then your look can easily be frumpy or aging.  I love florals, but I try to find ways to tone them down a bit and work better for me in a more modern way.  Like this INC top from Macy’s.  I love red floral and I always drawn to it…this top is a wrap design with elastic at the bottom, so it flatters my figure and covers some of the puffiness at my waist (a nice way of saying…my fat).  I can wear this with just about any jacket, but I really like it with this saffron color on top for a more modern feel to the look.  My shoes and bracelet are actually copper colors.  This is how I prefer floral…rather than an all over affect.  I also like floral in accessories…such as this scarf I have modeled for you before.

Floral accessories or simple tops under a jacket can keep them from making us look too old, or too frumpy.  That is the May style tip…because let’s face it, Spring is Blooming Out All Over!

I am taking you back to the Macy’s Sale with some more great selections below.  They have many sleeveless tops like this one.  I love the INC collection…it is youthful, modern, and has many pieces that work for ladies over 50 who love fashion.  The top I am wearing is the first on in the slide show below!

How do you feel about the floral trend?  Are you in or out?  Do you have your own way of making it work for you?  Please tell us and then……keep smiling!



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