News for Women of a Certain Age

Alert the presses, everyone, it is time for an early edition of News for Women of a Certain Age!  Due to new sponsors of the blog, this post is running is running a day early, but as always I have found some headlines which may be of interest to you!

Looking for some reading material?  This week Amazon released a list of 100 books everyone should read….FIND THE LIST HERE.

The Today Show produced a segment to teach us how to be smarter shoppers and be wise toward dressing room tricks by some retailers.  See the tricks and tactics HERE. 

AARP published an article this week in order to assist those 60+ to understand their bodies, emotions and life over 60.  Here is the online version of their article.

You may know that Dan Harris of ABC News wrote a book called 10% Happier.  He also has a podcast on the same topic…for instance, did you know that exercise in the morning over the evening is a great mood booster for the rest of the day!  Check out the PODCAST HERE and the BOOK HERE.   Also, a 10% Happier Meditation Book by Harris.

I am excited to share with you that I have been selected again as one of the top bloggers for women over 50 by Feedspot!  I cannot say THANK YOU enough to all of those who read, comment, and share these posts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Find the new list of top bloggers for women over 50 HERE. 

Now, go out with joy…..comment on any of the stories you like or don’t like………and, as always…




  1. Interesting articles! I was very much interested in the smart shopping tips and also the AARP article on aging. Congratulations to you for the honor of being selected a ‘top blogger’ again! This is certainly confirmation of how relevant and encouraging your blog posts are to your readers. Well deserved Pam!!

  2. Thank you Karen. This happens because of loyal and supportive readers like this blog has. I appreciate each one of you so much!

  3. Congratulations! So happy to hear others appreciate your dedication. I know your blog brightens my day. It’s hard for me to give my opinion on some of the fashion designer’s clothing. Yet, I’m so glad we all have a voice. Your outfit today is fabulous!!

  4. You have probably shared this before, but MUST know about the multi-hued purple and plum jacket in your photo! Gorgeous on you, and so happy for your selections as “Top Blogger”, Pam!

  5. Interesting articles. I’m always interested in lists of books everyone should read because I love to read as well as to see how many on the list I have read. Thanks for the information about Dan Harris. I’ll check out the podcasts – I enjoy listening to various podcasts while I’m driving in to work, so I will add this one to my list. Congratulations on being one of the top bloggers! You are an inspiration.

  6. Thanks so much, Suzanne. I really love that jacket…it is from Soft Surroundings.

  7. Thanks Elaine. I will go look at it. Also in my right sidebar is a badge you can click on to get it.

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