News for Women of a Certain Age + Winner Announced

Welcome, everyone, to News for Women of a Certain Age where I curate some headlines which may be of interest just for us women over 50. Please comment on any or all below and I hope you find a story of interest to you here.

Between the Kentucky Derby and the Royal Wedding next weekend, women are currently all about hats!  However, do you know what a fascinator is and the history of the head fashion?  Read about Fascinators HERE.

It is sandal weather and, guess what, this is another story about baking soda.  Are you convinced yet as to it’s powers?  Read about sandal weather preparation HERE.

USA Today just finished a study and discovered five key things that will add 10 years to our lives.  GO HERE TO SEE THE FIVE.

Fellow blogger, Alyson Walsh, shared this fun video of a PHD (over 60) educator dancing in a town square.  I so wish I had her courage.  Find the Video which gave me joy, HERE!!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s stories.  Do you have a favorite?

Now…drumroll, please!  THE WINNER OF THE FEMARELLE REJUVENATE IS CYNTHIA D!!  CONGRATULATIONS and thanks to all who entered!


Need your own hat?  I found some good ones….


  1. I absolutely love hats and wish that women in this country wore them more often so that it wouldn’t be such a stand out, but more commonplace. I have hats for ever season and love wearing them. All of the articles were interesting and I’ll be going home today to use the lemon/baking soda method to get my nails summer-ready!

  2. Great video of Adrian Piper dancing! Thank you for sharing it. I appreciate it. Would that we could all dance with her.

  3. Fascinators remind me of the plumes horses wear in some countries when pulling carriages. They look better on the horses!

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