Closet Diving Can Be Fun!

I told you at the first of the week that I am going to be mixing tmy wardrobe up a bit in an effort to be more excited about summer fashions.  Closet diving can be a lot of fun and I often discover some pieces I forgot I owned….like this white linen jacket from Chicos!

It is one of those linens that does not show wrinkles as much and I have always liked the fit of this jacket.  It is also very light weight.

There are many things I can do with it, but because I am striving to be different, I chose a navy sleeveess top, dark wash denim, and a neon green necklace . I like it!  It will work for Casual Friday at the office this week.

Here is what I have been doing:

  1.  I begin with a star piece…in this look it was the jacket.
  2. Then I have to pair it with something I have never worn it with before
  3. Same with the pants and the accessories…even shoes. Everything must be worn in a different way.

I have enjoyed challenging myself this week to put together some different looks from what I already own.  I have a friend about my age who I taught high school with years ago and she always wore a different outfit every day, but spent very little money doing it.  How long has it been since you tried to put together new looks from your closet?

Do you enjoy this challenge…or is it frustrating?  For those in the mood for shopping, I located some different pieces in the slideshow below from Etsy! Also, we had a great discussion yesterday with some great comments…if you did not read it, you might want to see the topic!

Please share……………and………………….KEEP SMILING!!



  1. This is such a flattering look and I love that jacket! Column dressing is always slimming and flattering I think. The navy with the neon green is just perfect! Your tips are very good for putting together new looks. I enjoy the challenge of taking what I have in the closet and making it look new by pairing it with something different. I think starting with the ‘star’ piece is going to help with this, kind of gives a direction to it! Your jacket is just so pretty with the waterfall effect in the front and I like how the ends come to a point. The sleeves appear to be ruched and overall create a very feminine topper for jeans! I would love to have casual Fridays, but alas…not permitted.

  2. What a fun way to approach your closet and find new combinations to wear. Interestingly, this is my “sweet spot”, as I like to mix up my clothing a lot. Generally, the times I pull out repeats is when I need to get ready quickly and don’t want to think about a new combo. I’m looking forward to seeing your summer fashions–this white Chico’s jacket should have loads of outfit-making potential.

    1. Thanks Kim…I love hearing that it is your sweet spot. It can be lots of fun and make the closet more interesting.

  3. A perfect summer jacket! I wear a lot of dark colors most of the year. Recently, I held up an ivory shirt and a white shirt (near my face) to get my family to help me. They voted, LOL. They thought white looked best. Hurray!

  4. Great look on you, Pam! I love your blog and approach for this very reason. I get great ideas on how remix my basics and star pieces.

  5. I went closet diving and found my white linen jacket, but it’s too small. It will fit my sister, though. Better for someone to use it, than to leave it sitting on a hanger gathering dust.

  6. This sounds like fun and goes completely contrary to my personality. I hang complete outfits on hangers such as a suit with the blouse; capris with top and cardigan or dress with shrug. It saves on closet space but does not lend itself to creativity. I may have to give this a try.

    1. Let me know if you enjoy it, Nina. I know it is hard to go out of our boxes. Just have fun with it.

  7. Sometimes I end up loving my 2nd go-round outfits better, and wonder what took me so long?! Ha! You look stunning here Pam. The long lean lines of your dark column are very flattering to your figure, and accentuated by your waterfall linen jacket. I love your lime necklace! Where can I find one?! – this is one of my fav looks on you! Thanks for the inspiration ??

  8. I have enjoyed this series of posts! You have inspired me to play with what I have and enjoy some forgotten items. Thank you❤

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