Fashion Over 50: Eileen Fisher On Sale

Long time readers of this blog know I am a huge Eileen Fisher fan and have several of their garments since going over 50.   Over the past ten years, they have served me well!

I style Eileen Fisher and wear the pieces over and over again!  And, I think I only have one garment of the many that I paid full price for…a great silk jacket I fell hard for.  But, there are several retailers with EF on sale right now.  I found what I considered to be the best of the pieces and put them below, but the slide show will link you straight through to those retailers.

This is a brand I purchase out of season in order to get the best price, but it gives me pieces to look forward to wearing when cool breezes finally blow.  She has many washable pieces…in all sizes (including petite and plus size)…and if you are looking for great pants, this is one of the brands I wear often!  It is worth it to be to pay for quality like EF offers.  Also, the last couple of years, EF has introduced some great colors to the line.  There are new ones in the upcoming Fall Collection as well. 

Check out the slideshow below…..and, then,……………….



  1. Beautiful, classic and classy! Every combination you put together here is perfect. These are timeless styles that lend themselves to mixing and matching, and I am glad to see the addition of different colors. When I have contemplated my retirement wardrobe, this is a direction I’d like to go for style, comfort and the ability to pare down my work wardrobe. With EF,you can have fewer items but just as many different looks,and I like that. The addition of colors works for me too because I don’t want to always be in black and gray. I do love black and gray,but it’s good to have other options too!

    1. I agree, Karen. I love the options of the different colors and EF always seems to go with colors I love! Thanks so much.

  2. Eileen Fisher is the one brand I always love – her pants are so perfect. My perfect “jeans” are a black ponte that I probably wear at least once a week. Wish I had another pair, ’cause these will wear out and I’ll be so sad!

    1. I do love the pants the most…I have five colors of my favorite EF pants and the crepe is perfect for summer as they are cooler than most of my pants. Thanks Kathleen!

  3. Aw, you look lovely!
    You certainly do know how to wear clothes that suit you, it seems.
    I don’t feel comfortable in any type pants in the summer; I adore my skirts. As a matter of fact, I think I may be addicted to them.

  4. I purchased my first EF pieces this year. I am so glad to hear they’ve served you well. One of my purchases was similar to the jacket in your 2nd photo, hopefully, I will do as well as you have with keeping it styled up to date.

    1. They have served me well, Kim. The cost per wear for me for EF is really low. I get a lot of mileage out of her pieces.

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