Fashion Over 50: Summer Closet Mix Up Continues

Happy Monday all!  I am continuing this week to mix up the pieces in my closet in new ways for summer.   I began with THIS POST last week.  Today, I started with this Chico’s tunic as the star piece.  I have owned it for a couple of years, and typically wear it with white pants.

However, since I am challenging myself to mix things up completely different, I went for a colorp pallette some might consider too dark for summer wear.  However, the colors are perfect for Pam-wear. Both the tunic and the Eileen Fisher pants are so lightweight that they wear well in the warm and I love these colors all year long!

I selected some accessories again never worn together, and could not resist putting my fun ROCKPORT sandals to top off the whole style.  It would amaze you at how comfortable these sandals are….their Cobb Hill and Total Motion lines make my feet so happy and the designs are amazing.  Chicos, Eileen Fisher, and Rockport easily dominate my closet!

I would also wear this outfit with my leopard flats and could easily have gone that direction.  Again, it is fun to wear items together in brand new ways and it just takes a moment to challenge ourselves to fashion some new looks.  Did anyone else do this during the week after we discussed it early last week?

Share your experience…was it fun or stressful?  Hope it was fun!  I am enjoying the challenge rather than grabbing the pieces which I am known to wear together, but , rather, asking myself WHAT CAN I DO DIFFERENT TODAY?



  1. Pam, you inspired me to try some new looks. Today I paired a black-and-white tunic with white city shorts and black-and-white sandals. This is a switch from the capris or pants I always wear, and I loved it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Inspired by last week’s post, I cleaned out my closet this past weekend, swept, dusted and rearranged. I put together some new combinations of things rather than thinking in terms of “this goes with that.” Some things are a little out of my comfort zone, but that’s a good thing, right? I like what you’ve put together here and it certainly doesn’t seem too dark to me. Your necklace is wearable art as so many of your necklaces are! I LOVE the lace hem tunic in the slideshow and how they put that together with the lace hem pants – just beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Your necklace/bracelet combo works well together, because of the color gold and the modern geometric style of both. Well done!

  4. Shopping in my closet is a good money-saving activity. Today I used your idea to put together an outfit: Chicos long Red shirt left open over a grey tank, khaki walking shorts, a large statement necklace and a favorite hat. Beige slip-ons on my feet

  5. Pam, I just love how you look in this outfit. It looks great on you and I really love your sandals too!!

  6. This is a great look on you, Pam! I’m also trying to stir things up by combining things from my closet in new and different ways. It’s so easy to get into a rut and wear the same old combos over and over again, but no more!

  7. Wow…good for your Karen! I need to be inspired to do a little cleaning out myself. It is good to go a little out of our comfort zone and have fun with fashion. It is only clothing…not a committment. Enjoy it!

  8. Thank you so much Anne. I love this combo together so much, I may not mix it up any time soon.

  9. Thanks Susan. These sandals are trendy and comfy all at the same time! I love Rockport shoes.

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