Summer Night Fashion Over 50 and A New Handbag Brand

No matter the heat, summer nights can be so much fun and should be enjoyed completely by women over 50.  When you live in a tourist city like San Antonio, there are always great events and happenings occuring throughout the city.  Recently, my music-guitar-loving husband said, “We are going to hear Joe Bonamassa.”

So, off we went to my favorite theater, The Majestic Theater, on my favorite downtown street, Houston Street.  It was a typical sultry, summer night.

We heard and enjoyed Joe Bonamassa and his band, but I could not hear much else afterwards…it was loud!  I knew it would be hot and crowded downtown, but I wanted to look my confident best.

So, selected this breezy, light Eileen Fisher tunic which I bought on sale years ago in Chicago and have loved ever since!  I am wearing it with Slimsation white pants, a beaded necklace, which matches the beading in the tunic, and Michael Kors slides which also match the beading in the tunic.  I found them last year on clearance at Dillards for under $30.

I have been watching the handbag trend this year of round bags…the crossbody version called canteen bags.  I liked them, but I was waiting for just the right bag to say TAKE ME HOME WITH YOU.  Recently, in Nordstrom, this bag by Brixton, said those words!  Brixton is a new brand to me, but I loved the stylish, chic design of the bag and the quality of straw used to make it for summer.  I know it is large, but I like it that way and during summer often need bags for extra clothing or an extra pair of shoes.  This one fits the bill nicely.

Accessories are a great way to pump up pieces you have owned a long time, like the ones in this outfit.  I have curated some beautiful accessories for your consideration below at different price points.

Do you have any summer night plans coming up soon?  Please share and let us know what you are going to wear!  Then, look at the slide show, and go forth as you…………………




  1. Your Eileen Fisher tunic is so classy – love it with the white pants! Eileen Fisher is one of those brands you can truly live in, always look appropriate, and be able to get dressed in record time by mixing and matching the pieces! I love being out on summer nights also! It’s warm and balmy, and unlike dashing from warm car to warm building in the winter without noticing much around you, summer is a chance to slow down a little bit and do some people watching and just enjoy the beauty of nature in the evening when things quiet down. I sit outside a lot in the evenings before going to bed and really enjoy that time. I also love dining outside on summer evenings. There is something very special about this time of year!

  2. This outfit is very becoming on you. I wouldn’t have given the handbag a 2nd look in the store, but you have styled it beautifully.

  3. If only there weren’t so many mosquitoes! I don’t like it when my perfume is Eau de Deep Woods Off.

  4. Love your classic black and white look! That tunic is wonderful and looks great on you!

    I love Joe Bonamassa — I’m sure it was a fun concert!

  5. Chic look, Pam! I’ve started going to concerts, movies, etc. with a pair of earplugs in my purse. Crazy to have to do it, but I’ve walked out of shows that are so loud I suspect they’re damaging my hearing. Earplugs bring the volume down to a tolerable limit.

  6. You look marvelous! This outfit really suits you! I love everything about it! And I love your purse! I never heard of Joe Bonamassa until a few months ago! I hope you had fun! ?

  7. You look great. Wonderful outfit for any summer event from coast to coast.

  8. I could live in Eileen Fisher….you are so right Karen. But, I have to confess…down here, I endure summer and try to find reasons to like it…like fun clothes! But, I love the other seasons more. If we had winter like you endure, I would feel differently! I know where you are coming from.

  9. Classic and beautiful outfit Pam. I LOVE summer, so reading that you endure made me laugh. I endure winter myself, and I’m in Cincinnati where winter isn’t too terrible! Summer means lots of gorgeous outside time, swimming, entertaining, doing fun stuff. I’m going to try your outspfit myself some evening!

  10. Please do Amy! It just gets so hot and humid here and stays for so long. June and July, I like it. But by September I am ready for it to go away and it doesn’t usually. Sorry, I do think if I lived in a different climate I would like it more.
    Thanks so much

  11. I love this outfit, simple & classy! The necklace looks great with the tunic and I love the bag too.

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