Would You Wear It? X2

Jennifer Connolly and I are back today with WOULD YOU WEAR IT mannequins on both sites.  Remember to explain your answers…don’t just say a flat yes or no.  We learn so much from the various comments.  So, after you comment on the look above, go over to Jennifer at A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell her what you think…i’s twice the fun!  Now, everyone…let’s begin…………………………………………………………….


Remember, there are great early summer pieces on the market right now..I found a few more of various sizes for your consideration!  Enjoy!


  1. I like it. I would feel comfortable in it. BUT I would not look thin in it. I have an hourglass figure and if I do not have definition (by belting, tucking, seams or darts) at my waist , I look like a aircraft carrier in a WWII movie.

    1. I doubt your look that big, but I understand because I have the same figure!! LOL…thanks Lavenia!

    2. I would wear the pants and shoes. I would not wear the top. It would not be figure flattering at all for me. I don’t care for the sleeves, the neckline nor the bodice. At 18 I would have liked that top.

  2. Nope. I like lots about it: the overall boho feel of it, cute embroidered pattern, and the pattern placement on the front and sleeves. But it is the worst color and shape in the world for me. Even my best friend, who always tries to be encouraging, says “umm…no, put that back” whenever I hold up anything bright yellow next to my face in the store! (I’m lucky to have a friend like her, who is both sweet and honest!!) If you change out the color and get rid of the gathering at the midriff, it would be a hit for me.

  3. I would wear it because i love the color!! The pants i would probably have to alter to fit my short stature!!

  4. I would wear both of these, but not together. I like the frayed hem on jeans this season ; I think it’s a compromise with the deconstructed look that I find sloppy. The top is cute, but another color please, and maybe a different, slimmer bottom. All the volume here does not flatter my short-wide self!

  5. I would not wear it, because that yellow would not be flattering and even in a different color I avoid that kind of fullness in the middle. It does look nice on that willowy mannequin! Thanks for the idea for these posts

  6. I love the pants but not the top. I need more tailoring and the boho look is not my style. If it didn’t look so ‘maternity’ I might try it. I like the bright yellow color but have never tried it- with strawberry blonde hair probably not!

  7. No, not for me!! The top is too short and too much fullness at the middle of the body. The long, fuller sleeves don’t help with that problem either, they just add to the abundance of fabric at the middle of the body. I’m not crazy about the color or the embroidery either. I am enjoying the “Would You Wear It?” posts that you and Jennifer are doing together. It is making me think about my style choices and WHY I should say no to certain styles and colors. BTW, Hi, first time here.

    1. That is awesome, Diane. One of the main reasons we are doing this…you just made my day! Thanks!

  8. No thanks. I did the ethnic look in the 60s and have no desire to relive it. The top is a tad too short anyway.

    I HATE capris (though I am still apt to think of them as pedal pushers — thereby showing more of my age) because they cut you off mid-leg and seem to flatter no one.

    1. I have just now stopped calling them pedal pushers…old habits die hard! Thanks so much Nancy!

  9. Nope. I gave up peasant tops for more structure. I like capris but self conscious about untanned legs. These are too flowy and wide for me. Also, yellow is not a good color on me.

  10. Hello Pam, happy Saturday! No, I would not wear this. The high peplum would look horrible on my busty figure, plus I’m not a fan of black for summer, we get lots of hot weather like y’all! (FL)

  11. I have to say no. I like the look, but it would overwhelm me. And yellow is not a flattering color on me although I love it. I would adapt it. Great series!

  12. My first impression is no. I am not a fan of bright yellow with black (reminds me of a bumble bee — sorry). I DO like the style of the top, though. Perhaps a different color? I normally don’t like cropped pants, but I do like these pants paired with the shorter top. It keeps things in balance.

  13. I like the idea of this outfit, but with my bustline that flowy style would be too much. Also, that color, while cheerful and summery flatters only a limited number of skin tones. I like black capris, but even though I’m a casual person in a casual setting I’m not crazy about fraying. It seems too much like we are trying to look poor or sloppy.

  14. No, this is far too messy. It might look good on a slender young girl who can wear egg yoke yellow. I agree with Nancy about “peddle pushers” having worn them in my distant youth.

  15. To me, in this case two flares don’t make a right. — “No” on the top (not pretty shape or color). Maybe “yes” on the dark capris paired with a more tailored top. ???The little sandals are keepers ?, especially with these capris. I like the silver accents.

  16. I think it is a very cute look and, as many other women have already stated, I wore the peasant blouse frequently in my early twenties and looked pretty good in it! However, as a larger woman in my 60’s now, this look would no longer work for me. The top is the wrong color, as yellow makes my skin look sallow. The detailing on it is beautiful, however. It would also hit me in exactly the wrong place. I recently read that capri pants are not flattering on anyone (is this true?) and that ankle pants are a much more slenderizing as they lengthen the look of the leg. I could see a slender, petite woman (like my friend Sue) looking very stylish in this outfit, however.

    1. Hi Wendy, Thanks for joining in today. I am going to do some posts this month on capri pants. I think, as with most things, it depends on the fit. The ones which have a smaller leg and tighter fit are more flattering. But overall, they do tend to take us to the frumpy side…though I know they are cooler in the heat. I hope to share my favorites with you this month..the ones I wear out of the house!

  17. At the risk of perpetrating ageism, I truly believe some looks are simply not appropriate for women over 50. Why would any of us want to look like we are trying to pass for kids? I prefer elegance over trendiness any day.

  18. I’d definitely wear the top but wouldn’t pay much money for it, it’s a trendy 1-2 season piece to me and then it would go to the humane society thrift shop when I’m tired of it.
    In fact, I bought 1/2 dozen very cute boho swing tops with a tassel neck tie from Old Navy this year.
    One of them is in that colorway and it’s my favorite – together they probably cost as much as that one top.
    As an, ahem, older woman I was surprised to find so many things that I liked at Old Navy – kind to the budget for on-trend fill in items.
    As for the pants, I don’t like them at all. They look like a failed DIY fashion project. I really like ankle, boyfriend, and girlfriend jeans/bottoms and that’s what I wear with my boho tops.

  19. I like the boho look of the top and the color. The only reason I, personally, wouldn’t wear it, is because it’s too short. I don’t wear anything that doesn’t cover my stomach. The pants, in my opinion, are ugly. I’ve mentioned before, crop pants are tricky. These are too big, adding visual weight on anyone who wears them and I am also not a fan of unhemmed pants. It takes the style over the line into the sloppy/lazy category.

  20. I like the yellow and black look. I usually dislike pastels, so I like these bright colors against the black. I find summer dressing challenging because the thin fabrics are unforgiving and I prefer a fall/winter palette. The pants seem too wide, but I know that fuller pants are trying to come back in style. If so, we will need shorter, but more fitted tops. I will be sorry to see the sleeker pants go out of fashion.

    1. I would still wear the sleeker ones ….even if deemed not in style! I also prefer fall and winter clothing. Thanks for adding to the discussion, Linda.

  21. No to the top and pants as the shape would not be flattering. Also, the color of the top would not do. I do like the shoes, though.

  22. What’s wrong with having a waist and hips? That top is what’s wrong.

    This top might work on a woman with a slim rectangle figure, but only if she likes bright yellow. It’s too harsh for pale English roses and Celtic lasses.

  23. I wouldn’t wear this outfit. I’m curvy so it would highlight all the wrong parts of my body. The bottom half of my legs are large and not shapley so these pants would not work for me. I’m sorry… but I don’t even like the shoes… ?

    I don’t always comment but I truly enjoy the “would you wear it” posts! Thanks for all you do for us!!

  24. I would not wear it. The proportions are wrong for my body shape. Also, I am not a fan of the frayed hem look.

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