Welcome to Beauty and Health Products for Women Over 50!  This is when I tell you about products I have tried and want you to know about.  I have written about using tumeric before to lower inflammation.  I previously told you about a Tumeric Tea I like, but some days I am not able to drink the tea.  So, I began to use this supplement NativOganics Tumeric Curcumin  which is tumeric, black pepper extract, ginger extract, amia fruit, gogi berry, and a few other natural organic ingredients.  My joint pain has really ceased to exist sense I began to take tumeric.   There is definitely a difference between when I am and am not using tumeric.

I left soda behind a long time ago…though at one time in my life, I was a Dr. Pepper addict.  Now, I predominately drink water…lots of water.  But, occasionally, I like a different taste and I was recently introduced to this brand…Zevia.  I really like the Cream Soda flavor.  I think one every now and then is fine…all things in moderation, right?

I found these Tostada Shells at the market…multigrain, no trans fat, no sodium, and gluten free and thought they would be perfect for a checken fajita salad.  And they were!  The only link I could find online is HERE and you have to order a lot…so some of you may just want to look for this at your local market.

I took shredded lettuce, mixed with a fresh mango salsa, bell pepper, a little onion, chicken strips I baked in the oven with taco seasoning.  And topped with spicy guacamole.  Delish!  I use ALOT of the Bolner Fiesta Seasonings…the fajita, the taco, the pinto bean seasoning, chili mix, and they are all good!  We use them almost every day.  Here is the CHICKEN FAJITA SEASONING.  

Bake your chicken with this and a little olive oil.  So good!

Here is a four flavor seasoning group that is a great place to start. Just click HERE.

I hope this all helps and give you some inspiration!  Thanks for being here and, of course, ask questions and make comments…love to hear your thoughts…………..




Disclaimer:  There are affiliate links in this post.  Thank you!

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