Fashion Over 50: Monthly Style Tip for July

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Happy Friday, everyone!  This is the first Friday of the month and typically when I offer a monthly style tip or two for women over fifty.  July is one of the months when I shop….for sales and for the fall season ahead.  So, though it is very hot outside, I still take time to keep my fall wardrobe in mind (it is my favorite time of year, after all).

Before I go further, let’s discuss fashion trends.  As in all things, it is good to keep centered about trends.  We should not completely discount them, nor should we completely follow them.  Being aware of fashion trends can help us stay current and youthful with our clothing choices.  However, there will always be trends (colors, styles, etc) which do not suit us personally.  You have not see me in any tops which show by shoulders.  I tried several on and they do not flatter me for a variety of reasons.  However, you did see me fall for the geometric prints which became popular a couple of years ago.  We all know what we would like to communicate with our style…what we want our clothing to say about us and selecting which trends to follow is an important component.

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I have researched the trends for Fall 2018, and I am very excited about what I see.  I will be writing more next week.  But, the first July Style Tip is to know the colors for fall…the colors you will see on the racks more than any.  With those colors in mind, when you shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, or Pre-Fall Sales, or clearance sales know how to watch for your best colors and purchase what will keep your wardrobe up-to-date.  For example, I am wearing a new kimono top which is basically navy blue.  One of the main colors for fall is this blue.

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It is a little brighter than navy, but reminded me that I could use more navy in my wardrobe.  It is softer than black and can brighten our faces more than black (and you know how I love black!) . I will be watching the sales closely for a great pair of navy pants.  The SOFT SURROUNDINGS MIDAS CARDI TOP I am wearing is perfect for summer and into fall…a great way to cover arms and look lovely no matter the occasion.  It is one of my favorite garments.    If you are looking for kimonos, look no further than Soft Surroundings.  I picked out a few below.





GO TO THIS LINK TO SEE PANTONE’S NEW TREND COLORS FOR FALL 2018.  Again, my tip is to learn them now and know what to look for when great deals begin to appear.  Next week, will discuss some of the trends a little more and how I face changes and similarities in new fashion seasons.  Is this a new concept for you….to think about Fall trends for July shopping?

I am on a trip with my family and we have no WIFI, so  will not be here Saturday for Would You Wear It.  But, next week we will dive back in and I think that is the only time for the rest of the summer the blog will be on break.  Thank you for your patience …is is a busy year adding new grandchildren and celebrating family!  Have a great weekend, all, and


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Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post but the words are my own.



  1. What a great look Pam! I love the kimono top, and Soft Surroundings has gorgeous options! I love this cover up for both summer and into early fall. I also think ahead, even when it is hot out. I’m in the process of purging and building a new fall/winter wardrobe that will suit my lifestyle moving forward. While I’m still working full time, I feel it’s to my advantage to think about future needs and style and move in that direction. So yes, definitely thinking about fall. I agree about trends – it is necessary to be aware so we can stay current, yet “to thine ownself be true!” Loving the Pantone shade of blue! I love navy in all its tones and am glad to see this come to the forefront. Enjoy the family time – it is one of the greatest blessings in life!

  2. Thanks, Karen! Happy weekend! Yes…I hope to do more with this blue into fall.

  3. Navy is a favorite color of nine. I love the sheer top you’re wearing over it – great outfit!

  4. Thank you Debra! I changed it at the end of March and I am very happy with it!

  5. I love the kimono top you are wearing! When you said fall preview my heart started to beat faster! As much as I love summer a new season always gets me excited. The Pantone colours are great. It’s about time we had something different for fall. Did you see the purples!?

  6. Yes! I will never miss a purple! Come back next week, Janet for more about fall…my heart skips a beat this time of year for the same reason!!

  7. I really like that Sargasso Blue for fall. I will definitely be on the lookout for that color. I like others on the pantone list as well. Nice kimono. It looks good on you. Have fun on your vacation. As much as I like my internet, it is nice to get away from it and focus on family and friends for a while.

  8. I really love that kimono top, Pam! It’s such a great piece to add interest when you don’t want to wear a lot of heavy layers.

  9. It is really a beautiful piece. I highly recommend it from Soft Surroundings!

  10. Your tip is really on point for me. I have never checked the trending colors in advance of purchasing and your idea is great. It just so happens I have selected navy as my main color for my capsule wardrobe and have several items that are close to the Sargasso Sea, which I think is just lovely. How lucky is that? Now I can work on getting a couple of pieces that are on trend for fall. Thank you so much for the great hint!

  11. I like this jeans and blue top. I like all three items together. Pantone’s choice of blue will prove popular.
    Safe travels on your family trip.

  12. Pam, I just love that kimono! Gorgeous — and navy is such a great color for you! I am definitely looking at purchasing it for myself!

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