News For Women Of A Certain Age

I hope everyone celebrating holiday time is having a wonderful week!  Here is a brief update with News for Women of a Certain Age….headlines just for us ladies over fifty to enjoy.  Let’s begin with the best news ever…………………….

  Did you see the recent study results about coffee?  Check out COFFEE AND LONG LIFE HERE.

They are blaming this story on the Queen of England…..I’m not buying it.  What do you think is the reason THE ROYAL CLOTHING BUDGET HAS CHANGED.

Finally, there is a high fashion line for a different segment of the market.  Read about this collection which will please us CURVY LADIES HERE.  

It is never too late to begin.  Read the latest support for MIDLIFE FITNESS AND HEART HEALTH.

Please feel free to comment on any or all of these.  I will be back tomorrow with the July Style Tip of the Month………and after that will see you on Monday!  Family Time!  No Wifi!


Today’s slideshow is dedicated to relaxation…………………


  1. I found these to all be interesting stories. The coffee study is good news…I’ll take the positive side of the debate here and keep enjoying it (not that I’d stop…), refraining from comment on the royal story – and the fitness article is also good news. Makes me more determined to stick with it because heart disease is such a big problem for so many. Anything we can do to help ourselves is a positive!

  2. I am a huge coffee addict ,consuming 6-8 cups per day. However, I limit caffeinated coffee to 2 cups in the morning as caffeine is dehydrating. So I have an assortment of decaf coffees that are fabulous and I look forward to having a cup every night. ( my doctor has told me twice that I have been dehydrated the last two Labs I have done and am not good at drinking water.)

    1. Fortunately, I love water and drink it all day long (after my coffee!) I have seen so many benefits of water…particularly with my complexion. Thanks for sharing Marcia. I know you are not alone. I have heard of so many people with dehydration episodes. Take Care.

  3. Recently, I too became dehydrated from too much coffee and not enough water. I like caffeine in the morning but limit it to two cups. Sinus problems and allergies benefit from water. Sigh

    1. I have two cups every morning, Linda and then lots and lots of water throughout the day. It has helped me in many ways to become a water drinker.

  4. One of the best tips I got from my personal trainer is to start the day by drinking at least 16 ounces of water. Since I started doing this, I can tell a difference in my energy level as well as the appearance of my skin. It also motivates me to continue drinking water during the day.

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