Today’s news post is dedicated to ideas for looking our colorful, stylish best in these warm (HOT!) summer months….welcome to fhe first Style News for Women of a Certain Age.

This article featured cute, trending short summer hairstyles.  There are some really cute ones in this article, so if you like short hair, check OUT THESE CUTE HAIRSTYLE HERE.

Here are some ways to SLIM DOWN YOUR SUMMER STYLES.  Often in articles like this, there are ideas you can take and apply to your own style.  See what you think.

Just like the Energizer Bunny, Cher just keeps going and going and going. The reviews from the new movie are not that great, but how she keeps her youthfulness is worthy of inspiration.  She shares her secrets here for a full life in her seventies.  READ CHER’S SECRETS HERE.

I told you recently that NEON colors are on trend going into fall.  For those who like the trend and need ideas of ways to wear it, HERE ARE NEON STYLES.….some are for the very young, but others might work.

My husband is one of the many who have switched back to full fat milk.  Newsweek gives us the reason in this article about the why FULL FAT MILK IS HEALTHIER.

Did you see anything here you would like to comment on…please do!  Thanks for being here…I appreciate you!


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