Fashion Over 50: Just a Little Bit of Leopard……


Followers of this blog know I love leopard and wear it often in the fall and winter…I think all over 50 ladies should give a little leopard a try.   I am so excited to see new leopard on the market…it is one trend which has endured time.  But, I do try to keep my leopard under control.

Maybe you are not as brave with leopard as I am, but if you are considering testing the waters…just be bold…have confidence and perhaps begin with a shoe, a scaf or a wrap!  A little bit of leopard goes a long, long way.  Enjoy the slide show below. And let me know what you think of leopard/animal prints in general……







  1. Leopard is like potato chips! Once you start, you can’t stop! I love leopard accessories, and I am getting brave enough to wear leopard jackets, ruanas, and sweaters. (not to the pants stage yet, but it won’t be long!) Love all your outfits here Pam! – and that statement necklace last pic! Killer!!

  2. I love touches of leopard, myself. Somehow, the pattern and colors help elevate a look. You look great in each piece.

  3. I love leopard. My way of wearing it is one piece of leopard per outfit. Otherwise you can look like you’re in camo for a big game hunt. Also, I like natural-looking animal prints… no purple or neon animal for me.

  4. I love all your leopard pieces! Leopard is always fun, classy and timeless! I have a few things leopard and love them! Great looks fo fall and winter!!

  5. I gravitate towards leopard when I see it on the racks. I have several pieces in my wardrobe–tops, jackets, shoes, but wear one piece at a time, not to overdo it on my petite figure. Pam, you look great in the pants, but I am not yet courageous enough to try a pair myself (but you made me think about it!). I am small enough to wear a girl’s size XL, and just yesterday I picked up a lightweight zippered jacket in the girl’s dept., and yes, it was leopard on the front & back with long black sleeves.

  6. I love the jacket you are wearing. I have many leopard pieces and it’s true, once you start, you can’t stop. It’s the perfect “punch” to neutral pieces like black, tan or shades of brown. I especially love my leopard shoes.

    My mother used to have this nightgown and robe in leopard that she wore all the time and we named it “The Clapper” as in “clap on, clap off” from the ad for the Christmas tree lighting gadget. My sisters and I buy each other Clapper gifts all the time and we have a lot of fun with it.

  7. Yes to leopard shoes, bags and tops but not to pants for me. I have a pair of black/white zebra flats and also leopard and wear them a good deal. Great post and photos, thank you.

  8. LOVE leopard! Other animal prints too! I don’t wear them much in summer but throughoutthe rest of the year I do, one piece at a time. No pants yet but have tried some on.

  9. Lovely post. I know many people love leopard and animal prints. If you have warm colouring it is a great way to wear your neutrals (thinking of Jill Chivers and her love of animal prints}. I am more of a flower print person and am not personally attracted to animal skin prints. I like butterflies too. The leopard print shoes are totally cute though!

  10. I love all of your leopard pieces…I have several scarves for different seasons, a faux fur coat,slippers, flip flops and envy you your pants!!!i always look out fit and check out the leopard pieces in the stores. Yes I am close to obsessed

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