Welcome to the Monthly Style Tip for August for Women over 50!  I confess August is my least favorite month, so I will combat that with a positive attitude…in fact, let’s call this style tip: ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE!  So many women look in the mirror every day and focus on all of our negatives…whether it is wrinkles, the tire in the middle, or a saggy neck…our eyes tend to land there first.

So, for this month I want you to be purposeful to begin with the positives…and we all have them.  Perhaps it is your complexion, your décolletage, your eyes, your waistline, your hair., your height….you know you have them.  Now, style your looks with those positives in mind!

The reason I wear skinny jeans, leggings, slim-fit pants…on my bottom have is because I know my leg line is one of my positives.  I knew that most professional stylists counseled larger women to avoid skinny jeans…but, I tried them on any way and they looked good.  So, from that time on I have worn the small legged pants.  My favorites are the Soft Surroundings Metro Leggings, Slimsation pants, and the Eileen Fisher slim fit pants.

This Vince Camuto top (which I have owned for a few years) accentuates the positive with great fit just by the way it is designed.  The mixed pattern is placed in a way to slim down the torso rather than add the appearance of weight.  It has been one of my favorites for a long time.

So, can you do it?  Can you go one entire month and look at your positives first at the beginning of the day?  Let’s start here….tell us what your positives are!  We all have them! Then give us one way you can ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVES.   Can’t wait to hear from you….


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