Fashion Over 50: Monthly Style Tip for August

Welcome to the Monthly Style Tip for August for Women over 50!  I confess August is my least favorite month, so I will combat that with a positive attitude…in fact, let’s call this style tip: ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE!  So many women look in the mirror every day and focus on all of our negatives…whether it is wrinkles, the tire in the middle, or a saggy neck…our eyes tend to land there first.

So, for this month I want you to be purposeful to begin with the positives…and we all have them.  Perhaps it is your complexion, your décolletage, your eyes, your waistline, your hair., your height….you know you have them.  Now, style your looks with those positives in mind!

The reason I wear skinny jeans, leggings, slim-fit pants…on my bottom have is because I know my leg line is one of my positives.  I knew that most professional stylists counseled larger women to avoid skinny jeans…but, I tried them on any way and they looked good.  So, from that time on I have worn the small legged pants.  My favorites are the Soft Surroundings Metro Leggings, Slimsation pants, and the Eileen Fisher slim fit pants.

This Vince Camuto top (which I have owned for a few years) accentuates the positive with great fit just by the way it is designed.  The mixed pattern is placed in a way to slim down the torso rather than add the appearance of weight.  It has been one of my favorites for a long time.

So, can you do it?  Can you go one entire month and look at your positives first at the beginning of the day?  Let’s start here….tell us what your positives are!  We all have them! Then give us one way you can ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVES.   Can’t wait to hear from you….



  1. Thanks Pam for giving me my first chuckle of the day! I just looked in the mirror and saw lines on my neck and pale blotchy skin. I should have focused on my height(5 11) blond hair and blue eyes. I did exactly what you said not to do! Focus on the positive should be everyone’s new mantra. Now I can’t wait for fall to wear a scarf around my neck!

  2. Hi Pam – What a wonderful suggestion! Getting dressed and ready for work or church in the mornings, I always look in the mirror and think “Ugh”….negative thoughts just pop right out! So, here goes!! I really like my height – I’m 5’9, but with even very low heels, I’m at least 5’10 or 11”. (My kids are both tall like my husband and me – thankful for that, too!) I have a nice smile. (I’ve never worn braces, but my daughter tells me my teeth are pretty&straight!) I like my white/gray hair – happy that I stopped coloring my hair 5 years ago. I get compliments on it all the time.
    I also have slim ankles and calves! I wear capris a lot! Ok, that wasn’t as difficult as I thought! I’ll look for something else tomorrow morning! Be blessed today, Pam!

  3. At 5’9″ and pear shaped I try to focus on leg length too. Adding bulk and volume below the knees is not a good look for me. I try different pant styles.

  4. Often I will say – This is what we’re calling beautiful today, even if I’m not feeling my best. I’m going to take you up on that challenge – I’m beautiful everyday!

  5. Thanks for lifting us up today, Pam. August is not a favorite month of mine either. By now, I’m tired of summer & tired of summer clothes. I try to combat this by incorporating some different colors into my wardrobe. Today, I’m wearing a teal t-shirt with my khaki skort. One of my positives is my hair. It is white, & I get compliments on it.

  6. What an inspiring, uplifting post and exercise! Thanks so much for the positive thoughts and reminding us that we are all acceptable, just as we are!

  7. I wish I had a little more height..,but I am focusing on the positives of what I do have! An great pair of pants is everything!

  8. I bought a card that keep in my book of daily meditations that says the following: “It’s simple. If you can’t direct kindness at the lovely face in the mirror, don’t even bother with the rouge”.

  9. What a great look on you! I have always thought that black and tan are a sophisticated pairing, and this looks fabulous. BTW, I think you always look polished and well dressed. I agree that “rules” are things to consider, but it is important to try things on and see if they look good on you and flatter. I also like skinny jeans and slim-fit pants. I find I really like ankle-length pants because they work with all types of shoes; I can pick the one I want for that day’s outings or events or plans. Thank you for your positive messages.

  10. I think the positive we all need is confidence. If we are confident in ourselves, we shine from the inside out. All clothing looks better worn with confidence.

  11. You are right, Star! That is what this blog is all about. Thanks for being here.

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