Fashion Over 50: Soft Surroundings and Fall Transitions

I endure August heat only by dreaming of transitioning to fall after Labor Day, and Soft Surroundings has some awesome options to help me do it in style. I absolutely adore this Mara Topper…it is so lightweight and sends the confidence messages I like with a splash of creativity! I will be wearing it to work and casual occasions too.

Soft Surroundings is a perfect brand for women over fifty and for autumn.  They always have so many beautiful options at this time of year and can also make retirement and a casual life look fabulous.

But, you have to act quickly when you see these favorites, because some of the best ones will go quickly.  They do replienish, but sometimes it will take several weeks for that to happen.  Also, remember they are one of the brands offering sizes for all body types ….and we so appreciate it.  I decided this outfit could use a touch of red, so paired it with a necklace I have owned for several years, and a new coat of a nail polish called Bloodline.

Some how the heat and humidity are not as stifling when my focus is on the days ahead and what I look forward to wearing.  Now, I have a slideshow below of some of my favorites at Soft Surroundings.  This ourfit will be a favorite for me!

When do you begin to wear autumn colors and prints?  Is ight after Labor Day too early?  Please share…………….and, for the remainder of your day…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………





Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.



  1. LOVE Soft Surroundings and so happy to have a store 5 minutes from my home (Southlake, TX). I’ve been shopping from SS for at least 15 years – both store and catalog – and this brand has never failed to please. As far as “autumn” colors/prints, I tend to wait until the temps FINALLY drop into the 70s here in north Texas, which is usually November. Until then, the weather still feels like summer – we get lots of wear from our summer wardrobe!

  2. I can’t wait for fall-my fave time of year. I’m already thinking of moving to darker colors–olive and the rust tones. You look beautiful in the fall colors, Pam-they suit you and love your hair!

  3. I hear you, Michele! Since I am in South Tc I completely understand! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I absolutely love your outfit!!! You look beautiful in the autumn colors. I will start wearing autumn colors here in Southern California probably in November, but to tell you the truth, I wear olive green and black all year round. I also love Soft Surroundings and am so glad that they opened a store in Southern California! Thanks for sharing! ?

  5. I wear fall fashion as soon as I can stand the heavier fabrics, which in Ohio is about 2/3 the way into Sept. In reading the comments about olive, I will share a conversation with a store manager recently. She showed me on line the store’s fall displays, fashions in the pipeline, and “color story,” which this year is olive, indigo, and a gorgeous, brick rusty red. These are great colors for me and I think flattering on most people. While no one should just follow a trend, I always think it’s helpful to know what will be in stores as I pick up things on sale and start to look around to fill wardrobe holes. I’ve been able to integrate some low-priced “finds” that way.

  6. Autumn is my favorite time of year for a variety of reasons. Since I live in Ohio with cold temps and snow in winter, I am conflicted about Autumn I always hope it’s a long season making winter come as late as possible.

    I really like the topper you are wearing as well as most clothing and jewelry items from Soft Surroundings. Do you find many items are back-ordered as much as several months or do I just have bad luck? Sometimes the items are at the end of the season in which I placed the order, or I have one piece to an outfit without the other piece for quite some time.

  7. Mine too, Nina. I worked at Soft Surroundings for a little while a couple of years ago and they are great to listen to customer concerns. You should go online or call customer service and tell them what you have experienced and I think they will help you out. Thanks for being here.

  8. That’s why I like this topper I am wearing, Linda. It is so lightweight…I won’t have to wait too long to wear it.

  9. You may not need them until November, but some of these special pieces should be purchased now, so you don’t miss out! I love to buy them early and clothing like this topper is so lightweight I will wear it in October…maybe late September.

  10. While I hate to see summer end, there is something exciting about shopping new fall fashions. I love fall colors — especially olive! Your outfit looks amazing on you, Pam!

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