Remember fast fashion days…typically for younger women who desire to change clothing like nail colors and make a financial decision to spend less on more.  However, I believe the majority of you have left fast fashion in the dust and now purchase with an eye for longevity.

That phrase is not original with me…one of you wonderful readers used it recently in a comment and I thought……..Perfect!  I purchase with an eye for longevity and always think about my clothing taking me in and through retirement days.  My pictures today are of pieces I have owned for a long, long time and still wear.

I guess that it why I can hang my clothing in families.  I have three main brands I wear over and over again…with a cast of fun pieces which surround them.  Lately, I look at pieces closer and consider how they will go into the next few years.  That is why when I see trends like leopard and tweed staying in the modern mix, I am always happy because I know they have sustained the years in my wardrobe.


So let’s talk…how much purchasing for longevity vs. fast fashion do you do these days?  Do you still enjoy the more for less philosophy or the less is more?

Buying with longevity in mind doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with fashion…in fact, isn’t that what accessories are for? It also doesn’t mean that we pay top dollar…it just means we get more bang for the buck.

I did find some fun pieces below at retailers who have been in my closet for years.  So, join in the conversation and then take a look………………and, of course,……………………………….


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