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Good Morning, everyone.  Welcome to News for Women of a Certain Age…headlines discovered which might be of interest just for us!  Hope you find something here you enjoy reading on this wonderful, summer morning!

Well, we have come a long way from the old VW bus for travel.  But, there is even farther to go and could new developments have something to do with millenials??   This story from U.S. News, reports all that is happending on the Recreational Vehicle side of life.

While this story could have been sad, Alan Alda made his announcement inspirational and encouraging.  Read here about our favorite military doctor and what is happening in ALAN ALDA’S LIFE from ABC News.

My husband and I are planning a little autumn getaway.  Are you?  Here are some ideas from the thorough Southern Living Hotel Collection

Finally, here is an important thought as we enter the weekend and something I try to remember often………..Wider Waistlines Lead to Memory Loss….just a red flag for all over fifty.  Nevertheless……………………………………..



  1. Once again, interesting articles! I just returned from a camping trip with my family, and saw none of the newer style RV’s in the state park where we stayed. We took walks to check out the other sites and people seemed to be pretty basic and old school. The teardrop trailers are cute from the outside, but I’d lose my mind in such cramped quarters where you can’t even stand up straight. Then again, I am a loner and can’t fathom sharing such a small space! Cute though, and I’m sure you can pull them with anything. Interesting article about Alan Alda. I heard he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and is fortunate to be handling it so well. My father had Parkinson’s and it is a horrible thing. I know there are degrees and my dad’s was pretty severe, but it robs you of so much and still bothers me to think of what he went through. The fall trips! Each year in the fall my sister and I get together with friends we met when our families were camping when I was 12 and my sister was 14. They are three sisters in our age group and we meet each year in the fall in a park where our families met. We generally stay in the lodge or a local hotel (my sister is not a camper any longer!) and really look forward to our little getaway!

  2. There’s a lot of advantages of having a smaller trailer. But I prefer the trade off of having a larger one because cabin fever gets intense when you’re away for weeks on end. Plus my husband is 6’4” and doesn’t fit in the small ones.

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