If you are younger than 60, and you do not exercise in any way, do not wait another day…begin some kind of routine NOW!  And if you are in your sixties and you do not exercise, then it is not too late….begin now.  Regrettably, I did not join a gym until I was right at age 60.  I had just been diagnosed with osteorporosis and knew I needed strength training with weights and a trainer to get my bones turned around.  That was five years ago.  The advantages are incredible:

  1.  My bone scans turned around completely and I have remained medication free.
  2. My energy level is higher.
  3. My mind is sharper and my attitude brighter when I am working out.
  4. I feel younger than I am

However, the later you wait to begin, there are more challenges to face.  I have fallen off the horse several times, but always stood, brushed off, and saddled up again.  After two injuries early on, I finally took seriously warm up preparation before a workout.  That kept me healthy for a long time.  My trainer was the one who noticed my occasional boughts of vertigo at the gym about three years ago and suggested I get it checked out.  That lead to sinus surgery for a significant blockage, so after six weeks down, I saddled up again and returned to the gym.  The advantages are too great to let a set back keep me down.

I have had a long stretch here of encouraging workouts with a new program, and though it is really tough, I look forward to it three times a week.  Then, came last Wednesday.  I got up to get ready for my 5AM workout when our rather large cat, decided to run right at my ankles.  She actually took my feet out from under me and I fell hard on my right shoulder.  Now, here is the good news:

  1. I got up on my own (5 years ago, that would not have happened)
  2. The hospital doctor said, if I had not been lifting weights, I would have a broken shoulder.

The frustrating thing is that I do have a severe sprain and he said, “at your age (don’t you hate those words) it will take a while to bounce back.”  Right now, my husband has to help dress me!  I cannot lift the arm I use the most. Yes, I have battled feeling old, frustrated, and a little depressed. You have to admit falling over the cat sounds like something that happens to elderly people. Yet, I resonded well to a fall like this due to working out.  So, please if you are doing nothing, get started today, so you don’t face worse if you happen to fall.  The best news is, I fully plan to get back on the horse!

I am not sure what my blogging will look like this week.  It is asking alot of my husband/photographer to help me get dressed plus take the pictures.  We will see.  But, I will be posting…just not sure about outfit posts (if you see them, then it all worked out!)  One of my co-workers told me to bedazzle my sling…the sling I am ready to ditch!  Nevertheless, though the accident got me down for awhile, I hope you will join me today as I


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