Readers have asked me to address the issue of necklines, and I personally believe you are asking because as we age the “neckline rules” begin to blur and cannot be used for every woman.  I am wearing my favorite neckline in this photo…the V Neck. I have always liked it beause it opens up my face and plays a role in elongating my overall look…which helps if you want to appear as though you are smaller in size.  However……………………….

The more I advance in age, the more difficult the V Neck becomes.  It is not really my neck that is the problem…it is my wisdom.  That’s right.  My dermatologist says all of the spots I am covered with are wisdom spots…my mother called them moles and apparently they are hereditary.  I have one wise family…covered in wisdom.  It is expensive to remove them for cosmetic reasons…and there are many.  So, many days, I just want them covered….with a scarf…or a shirt with a nice collar…or even a boatneck.  There may be some of you who feel the same about crepey skin around your neck.  Now, I still wear the V Necks…I love it.  And those are the days I am able to not focus on the spots.  Don’t be down on yourself if you have reasons which lead to a different neckline or accessory choice.  Wear what you feel most confident wearing!  Fashion rules have to be looked at personally and evaluated as to what is best for you…sometimes this can happen in a dressing room where you can try on different styles to see what you think.

I have a problem with saying all women should wear a V Neck, because it is the most flattering neckline.  YOU have to decide what is best for you.  If you do not have any of the “age” issues yet, then by all means I would go with a V.  My wonderful blogging friend, Jennifer, proved Monday that great minds think alike and wrote about neckline rules…she presents the overall picture for all body types HERE. Also, let me recommend this pima V- neck long sleeve tee I am wearing from JJill…so soft and fits great.  I am considering getting the green or orange one.

I really like a denim outfit like this for Casual Friday at work or casual weekends.  Because of the buttons on the jacket, I chose to go with a small simple necklace that my husband gave me a few years ago from one of the nicer jewelry stores in San Antonio, Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry.

Good view of my wisdom!  Now, did any of this help those of you asking about necklines?  I just want you to know you have the freedom to be a confident you…and if you don’t feel confident in the V…then make a new plan.  But, by all means,


Here are some wonderful V-Neck Tops for your consideration and there are some on sale!

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