Dressing With Confidence: This Is Me

Let’s return to one of my foundation messages of this blog…we should always leave the house feeling confident of how we look.  In fact, I will go a step further and say more often than not, we should be able to look in the mirror and say to ourselves…THIS IS ME.

One of the reasons I love the season so much, is there are more times I can say THIS IS ME when I leave the house.  My favorite, most confident styles are when I can dress for cooler weather.  What I love about today’s look is purple, black, creative, approachable style.  It fits into all my boxes…creative professional, blogger, wife, mother, grandmother, friend…me.

How often do you look in the mirror, smile and think this is me?  Think about this, what are you wearing when that happens?  How do you look?  Make note of those times and what you can carry to the next outfit to create the same feeling.  Make note of the styling, the textures, and the colors.  Perhaps, some of you would like to share what you are wearing when you say…This Is Me!



  1. My first impression when seeing the pictures is how you look positively radiant in this outfit. It is amazing, and after years of following your blog, I definitely see Pam here! Black and purple work so well together. And your signature style with that fabulous necklace sets the whole thing off! What a good point about how important it is to be able to look in the mirror, smile and say to yourself, “This is me!” It doesn’t happen all the time. Sometimes I’ll be at work wishing I was wearing anything but what I had on, and I’ll go home and write “don’t repeat” in my little notebook that I keep with what I wear each day. For me, “this is me” is a blazer with jeans and a simple t-shirt with a necklace or a scarf. For work it’s a pencil skirt with a blazer and pumps and similar accessorizing. Another one is a simple black sweater with pearls, pants, skirt, jeans, whatever. It really does help to know who you are and what silently sends your message. You have helped me discover this through the Foundational Five that I reevaluate several times a year. Today I am having a “confident” day in a pencil skirt and sweater set with my new leopard scarf. I have several meetings and need to have a relaxed while still professional edge.

  2. I agree with everything you said here, Karen. I wore something yesterday I did not feel confident in and I also felt off all day. Mentally, I wrote in my own book “not again.”

  3. Stunning outfit on your Pam. I agree, you are glowing! Your words are right on. Going back to work today for the first time in decades (I’m 58!). What to wear….?!

  4. Something that makes you smile and feel like a confident and in charge Lisa! Have fun!

  5. I completely agree with Karen. You practically jumped off the screen. I love everything about this outfit and it shows on your face that you do as well. Purple is a favorite “pop of color” in my wardrobe and I love to see different ways people wear it. I’m a member of the Red Hat Society so I wear a lot of purple!

  6. This particular look is always nice on you! I like the layered tops and your jewelry too. A great “go to” for many women. With the holidays soon approaching, what a comfortable yet stylish look.

  7. Most of my “This is me” moments come in cooler weather, also. I love wearing a cardigan sweater as a completer piece. I just feel more polished when I can layer pieces.

  8. Thanks so much, Linda. I actually have a red tunic top I like to wear with this during the holidays too!

  9. Thanks Paulette…it is much easier to smile when I feel confident in what I am wearing!

  10. You know I’ve said before how much I like you in purple and in this shade and combination you look stunning! Four years ago I remarried. The second dress I tried on was a beautiful shade of purple similar to what you are wearing. I said “This is me!” I never tried on another. I felt great in it, looked terrific and received many compliments. When you wear what is “you”, you are true to yourself and feel fantastic whether casual, business or formal attire. Purple on! ?

  11. You are so sweet and encouraging, Janet! I bet that dress was lovely…well, it was purple after all! Purple on!

  12. My This Is Me outfit is slim pants, tank, and cardigan or jacket with a bold, usually beaded necklace (or scarf), a cuff bracelet I made myself, and good shoes. I usually wear solids with dark pants and a bright, warm-colored or earth toned tank. I watch the line of the third piece, trying to make sure it’s current in line, and usually flowing a bit. I like the This Is Me feeling so much that I seldom buy anything else any more. While I realize this is pretty specific, it just works for me, and I even dressed it up for a wedding last weekend. Last year, I gathered all the stuff up I wasn’t wearing and tried to force myself to wear those clothes, so as to wear them out and be done with them. After about 3 sad weeks where I just felt crummy every time I left the house, and despite some compliments (there wasn’t anything really wrong with them), I boxed them up and donated them. I find when I make such a fashion mistake it’s because I’m finding it on sale, or because I’m trying to break out of a fashion rut. Only … is wearing what you like a rut?

  13. Not necessarily a rut, Linda. I know what my THIS IS ME outfits are and how to do similar versions…off course I also like to shake things up just for fun. But, I do not think you are in a rut if you love what you wear, feel confident and it brings you joy!

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