Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer

Happy Saturday, everyone, and welcome to Would You Wear It with me and Jennifer Connolly.  We ask that you look at our mannequins, comment on if you would or would not wear the look, and explain why YOU would not wear it.  So, ladies, here is my look today, tell us


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  1. Oh my…only if I were playing Mrs. Santa Claus!
    Dress might be cute without the pile of ruffles?

  2. Thanks for starting us off, Shari. If you look at the second picture, I believe this is a pants outfit rather than a dress…hope posting two pictures helps everyone.

  3. Absolutely not. That looks like a hot mess to me. Way to fussy with all the ruffles and the different neckline with a necklace. Way too much going on.

  4. No to this outfit. That cape is awful – those ruffles. I don’t wear cut outs on tops either ick. That rock necklace is huge.

  5. With the abundance of ruffles, large necklace & cut-out in the top, there’s too much going on for my taste.
    I’d wear the top & pants with a simpler jacket.

  6. I love the blouse with the cut out and the slim slacks. BUT, the sweater/cape is just too much. The color is something I would wear, but the ruffles. Nope.

  7. Little Red Riding Hood in a hugh cape!! Too many ruffles and too overpowering for me. No to cut-outs in any clothing. Necklace doesn’t work with the outfit, ugh. NO to this awful ensemble.

  8. Too much detail and fuss!! Ruffles, cutout on top, large statement necklace, and did I already mention the horrible ruffles?! Simple is better.

  9. I like the top and pants. I don’t like the ruffles on the cape/wrap and I would not wear that. Also, the necklace in my opinion doesn’t go at all …. earthy and huge. In addition a top like that doesn’t call for a necklace, in my opinion, especially one like that . If I were wearing that top and pants, I would probably wear a statement earrings and bracelet .

  10. No to the cape- it’s too many ruffles up top- not minimizing at all. And I truly wish the cut out/ open shoulder business would go away. It’s been long enough. And that necklace? Too much, too long. I like jewelry a lot but that’s wrong for this outfit. Again if you are busty like me you’re drawing attention to the top again. Something I don’t like to do- I don’t need volume there!

  11. I like unusual wraps. This is interesting and I know women who could look romantically stunning in it.
    It would take someone with real panache to carry this off as a cloak, not a costume.
    I couldn’t wear it. Not only is it “too much of everything” for a petite person, the color is wrong for me.
    I’d probably be more inclined to drape it across my sofa for a winter throw.

  12. Yes…actually I do wear a very similar outfit. I get tons of compliments. I need the necklace! I wear it with a large silver necklace (similar size and texture) but this one is gorgeous. I love the long line the all black creates and the fun 3rd piece is a real completer! I think people are seeing more ruffles than are actually there because the mannequin is standing in front of a display with capes!

  13. This would be a no for me. Too much of everything; material, ruffles, length. Although, it would be good for a Little Red Riding Hood costume. But on me, it would overwhelming. I need shape and structure.

  14. No, I don’t wear cut outs at all, necklace way to long for me, cape too big/ costumey for me, all black outfit, while efficient/ easy, is starting to appear dated to my eye. I’m starting to feel sorry for these manikins….

  15. Hi Pam, Happy Weekend! A big no to this week! The cape looks like Mrs Santa as Shari said – the black top and pants are so basic except for the super large peephole – just not appealing!

  16. Yes, I would wear the top and pants. The cutout in the top might balance a pear shape. No, I would never wear the cape since ruffles on me look a costume. I would definitely wear a shorter necklace with this particular cutout.

  17. Good morning from the West Coast! I LOVE the cape. If I were to wear it I’d pair it with a basic sweater and slim pants. The dress would look better along and it is a good shape for my rectangular figure. I wouldn’t pair it with necklace as it detracts from the neckline which is the focus.

  18. I like the outfit without the necklace..takes away from the cutout and I prefer something to bring the eye up. I love the ruffled cape and would wear it. The color is great and ruffles give it some drama/movement. Sometimes you have to breakout of your comfort zone and I would for this.

  19. No. I’d have to see the black top and pants alone to determine whether or not I’d wear them, but I definitely wouldn’t wear them as part of this outfit. If the cape was just slightly longer at the back than the front, I would consider it, but I don’t care for all that extra length at the back. It serves no purpose and would add a lot of weight to the garment. I don’t like the necklace either. It’s too big.

  20. I was Little Red Riding Hood in a school play once. This reminds me of that. I’m grown up now, so I wouldn’t wear it. I don’t like cutout necklines, either.

  21. I really like the top and pants underneath and can think of a lot of potential occasions for wearing them! While I think the cape/shawl is pretty it would be too much for my small frame (but it would be a perfect holiday wrap someone who was taller with wider shoulders)

  22. There are a lot of ruffles on that cape, but I think it would work with a different top. To me, the peep-hole style is just too much detail and just makes an overwhelming look. It takes away from the beauty of the cape.

    I like the red color against the black — it’s very striking. I also think the necklace would be gorgeous against a plain black top. The peep-hole seems to be too distracting.

    I’d try this look with the changes mentioned above.

  23. No to the cape, it’s too Little Red Riding Hood, and all those ruffles – yikes! At 5’9″, I’m wary of any ruffles at all. I like the top, but nix the necklace. I’d wear a necklace that skims along the jewel neckline of the top. I’d change out the pants to leggings, I think that would be flattering with the top. The pants are okay, but I’d wear them with something else, like a white cotton V- or scoop-neck t-shirt and hip length or longer easy sweater.

  24. Yes, to the top & pants, but no to the cape. I like the color, but it would be a bit overwhelming on my short form. I also like the necklace.

  25. Wow, no. I could not wear this. I first thought it looks like a costume, Little Red Riding Hood. I’m glad you mentioned it being a pants outfit, because it was very difficult to tell. It is very bulky which doesn’t appeal to me, and the ruffles seem to be rather overdone. I know for certain that everyone would be staring, and not in a good way. I guess for a tall and reed thin person, it might work.

  26. Actually I think I might look good in it. I think this is a top and pants and if so, that would be flattering on me as would ruffles on the sweater because I am smaller from the waist up. The colours are good. I would prefer it without the cut out and with a different necklace. The pendant seems too big and maybe the wrong style for the outfit.

  27. I really like the colours – the maroon looks great with the black top/pants. The wrap is too busy for me and I’d probably spend most of my day flipping the ruffles out of my way. I love a statement necklace but this one’s a bit over the top for me, although I would probably wear it without the pendant.

  28. Too many ruffles for me. Because I am shorter I prefer a simple tailored style. Some of the styles in the pictures below the most would be better suited to my style and body image.

  29. Nope – way too fussy and colors are all wrong for me. I’m 5 feet tall so cannot handle all that material. However would look nice on certain types.

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