Do you ever get a garment in your head, and it torments you until it is in your closet?  Well, recently a creamy white sweater poncho did this to me.  I saw one online and loved it.  But, it was expensive and sometimes in South Texas we do not know if we will get the cost per wear out of a winter garment to justify the price.  Some winters are cold, but some are very warm and we do not even wear a coat.  It is just hard to know what we are facing.

But, a friend of mine, told me about this poncho she saw at Stein Mart and suggested I go look at it.  I did and think it is exactly what I had in mind…for much, much less.  This fabric has to be treated with care…it takes steaming…or ironing through a towel.  But, I can justify this price much more where I live and it has the holiday look I was seeking.  If the weather cooperates, I will wear this when I go downtown with my husband to see the Christmas lights.  Downtown San Antonio is amazing at Christmas and we usually stay in hotel and enjoy a longer visit.

The other pieces are my faux leather leggings from Soft Surroundings, my Enzo Angiolini Boots from Macys, a bracelet from French Kande and my Victoria Bosco python clutch.

Sadly, I could not find this garment online, but I did find some similar ones and posted in the slideshow below.   When was the last time you had something in your mind, and just had to find it?  Please share your story.  Thanks for being here, and


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