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Yes!  It is Saturday and time for Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer Connolly.  We post mannequins and ask you what you think…always explain your answers, please…that is how we learn from one another.  I ran into Kohl’s last night to do a little grandson shopping, and almost passed this by.  But,  I went back, because it was so different, and wondered,”What would my audience think of this?”

So, ladies, tell us


After you post your answer, please go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her mannequin.  I hope you will return here and look over some of the fun gift ideas I have in the slide show below….all are under $50.   The holidays are underway with Thanksgiving week ahead, so many reasons to



  1. Not for me. The print is drab, the style looks baggy and frumpy and the illusion sleeves seem to be from cheap fabric and poorly made. I don’t like it over leggings either, not at this length. The print especially is the deal breaker for me. I’d have walked on by!

  2. I wouldn’t mind it on soneone else who would suit it but like Karen, I think the print is drab and sleeves don’t do anthing for the dress, they just make it look worse. This style of dress doesn’t look good over leggings and for my pear shape, the skirt would make me look huge and out of proportion.

  3. I would not wear it. I don’t like the illusion sleeves & overlay on the skirt. The print doesn’t bother me as much as the other commenters. Also, I don’t like how it is styled with leggings and heels—just not my look.

  4. I’m always attracted to the Vera Wang display at Kohl’s. I’ve purchased a few things from the collection and they’ve never turned out to be closet workhorses. I think they put her collection up at the front so it will catch your eye, but for me the brand mostly serves to get me to walk into the ladies section and look around. The workhorse items I buy almost always end up displayed back in the racks of the house brands.
    So no on the illusion sleeves and the leggings + heels. If I’m wearing a dress I’ll go for tights or stockings.

  5. It definitely is not my style. I would feel like I was wearing a costume with the combination of fabrics. I don’t wear large floral print either.

  6. This is a hot mess with dull and drab print. What’s with the super sheer sleeves ~ needs Jennifer’s coat to keep from freezing! Don’t like the gathered skirt nor the legging with this dress. This does look like a sewing project gone wrong as someone mentioned. This is not me and I wouldn’t wear it.

  7. This is a no for me. I don’t think the floral fabric is attractive & the sheer overlay just looks like an odd afterthought.
    It looks like the designer was trying too hard to be different & just ended up with a poor design.

  8. I like the cut of the dress itself (sans sleeves) for my triangle shape. However, there are too many “nos”: color, pattern, the shiny fabric, the leggings. Then there’s the fact that this doesn’t fit my real life. I would have nowhere to wear it. I walk past special occasion outfits, even though there are such occasions coming up. I tend to the “party on top” look, paired with a skirt. You could say this outfit is too memorable.

  9. It’s not a look I would wear. I do love illusion sleeves but these ones aren’t opaque enough for my upper arms. The heels feel like a mismatch with the leggings for my sore feet 🙂

  10. No. Not for me. I have tried shift type dresses like this with tights and no matter what the print it might look ok, but I feel like I am trying to wear a younger fashion. Maybe a petite silhouette could wear this. For me I go without a waistline. The fabric was also a bit drab.

  11. I don’t mind the print honestly but don’t like the illusion sleeves or the leggings underneath. I’d feel self-conscience so it’s a no-go for me!

  12. I will never get used to leggings under dresses, I’m afraid. I don’t like the overlay dress at all, but the sleeveless dress underneath is pretty. I like the print and the colors, myself.

  13. No, it’s not a look I would wear. The illusion sleeves & neckline look almost like plastic wrap to me. I don’t care for a dress over leggings, & with the short length of the leggings & the heels, it looks unfinished.

  14. I think it could work with western belt, cowboy boots or booties, and black denim jacket. I don’t mind the print, but I dislike the illusion sleeves. Weird, stiff looking and every crease adds a black line. Pumps a no!

  15. For once, I think this is an outfit that would look much better on a person than the mannequin. The stark white color of mannequin doesn’t do much for the loveliness of sheer fabric. I think it would look much better on a real person!

    I like this outfit but think it could use a fabulous necklace!

  16. Dare I say that I like this dress, and the print? I would wear it except that I do not like the sheer illusion sleeves. I too (as was already mentioned) like illusion sleeves to be more opaque. I would wear it with the leggings, as I already wear leggings under many dresses. I like the idea of wearing tights too, but I think the leggings are a fun alternative. I broke my ankle a few years back, so I would not be able to wear the heels, but I think they look great. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Of course, you dare say your opinion! That is what this is all about. Thanks for being here.

  18. I’m thinking just the dress (sans the illusion-sleeves and overlay) would look good in the summer weather with red sandals. Skip the leggings and all the rest…but the patterned dress would do fine on its own.

  19. I could see this outfit on a svelte body shape, but that is not mine. The heels, the leggings, I can do. but no to anything that gathers at the waist and is sleeveless for this not svelte body. I would wear the heels and leggings with a a line tunic that had sleeves.

  20. Every time I walk into Kohl’s, I think that Vera Wang designs the most beautiful wedding gowns but the rest of her stuff should be packed into boxes and sent back to wherever they are made. This ensemble is definitely on the list of “send back”. The sleeves are way too sheer, the print is way too busy and it just looks baggy. I know that everyone’s taste is different, so this is just my opinion for what it’s worth.

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