Need Your Ideas to Plan for 2019

Wow….we are recovering from an active Christmas Day with five grandchildren, a big meal, and lots of activities.  I hope all you had a special celebration.  I am going to leave this post up for a couple of days hoping to get a lot of ideas from you.

I am beginning to reflect upon 2019 with Over 50 Feeling 40.  This has become a Lifestyle Blog for Women over 50 where I hope you get great ideas for looking and feeling your best over 50.  Sometimes we discuss medical advancements and sometimes we discuss fashion finds!  I have already had one of you ask that I write about fashion trends for 2019 and I want you to know I have an exciting interview coming up next month with one of the experts in the field.  But, I would love to hear from more of you…

What would you like to read about here?  Would you be interested in a Facebook group…in addition to comments here?  How can I serve you better?  Any and all ideas welcome!  Would you like to see more topics for the younger end of being 50 o more for 60+?  Do you tell friends you read this blog…what I can do to encourage you to tell more people about us?  We have a great community here and I want to make sure I am doing all I can to serve you the best way possible.

I know you like to give your thoughts…you do it every Saturday…so please share your thoughts here.  I hope all of you will help out and will




  1. Just keep doing “would you wear it?” I look forward to your post (and Jennifer’s) every weekend.

  2. I enjoy tips on how to define and refine our personal styles. I recently reworked my Foundational Five, and while I feel confident in doing this exercise, I do enjoy tips on redefining and making adjustments as we go through changes in our lives and in our lifestyles. I know this is pretty broad, but you will know what I mean!!

  3. I think a Facebook group would be fun. It might be easier for people to share ideas or ask questions of others. I find it a challenge to find clothing that is what I consider classic but age appropriate. I would enjoy more talk about clothing for women over 60. I really enjoy your blog as I feel you are down to earth with your clothing choices. I also enjoy your health or makeup tips. Keep doing what you are doing! Thanks!

  4. I would love to see you use existing piece in your closet in multiple ways. What are you goals for the coming year and update on them throughout the year. I’m in the lower end of 50 so I’m most interested in topics that relate to my age.

    Thanks for asking. I love your blog.

  5. I’ve been following you since you started posting pictures of Gigi’s (sp?) outfits, shoes.
    You have gone through many changes and I have enjoyed them all. I share your blog with people I know and meet. Hopefully some look you up. I really like that you have embraced aging, and you also, share that with us. All aspects of it. Do what you do best, share yourself. And I thank you for sharing.

  6. I love your blog. I am in the 60+ category. I too would like to see you style one garment several ways. Also, I love your posts on health, healthy recipes, living your best life, and would appreciate ways to stay consistent with exercise. Thanks for everything Pam!

  7. This is my interest as well: styling and wearing garments in different ways to achieve more than one look.

  8. I love, “Would you wear it?” ! Living in rural Wyoming,the shopping choices are sparse (yes, I do shop online)! I really like seeing how outfits are put together, what is fashionable, not just what is practical to hike, bike,ski and climb in!

  9. I am out of the 60s age range but have enjoyed every one of your posts for over the years and relate to each post. Thanks for sharing yourself and all you learn in fashion, health, skincare and just life.

  10. Hi, Pam! I really enjoy your blog, and appreciate all the thought and hard work you put in on it. I’m in the 60+ group, and tell my friends about your blog. I look forward to “Would You Wear It?”, interesting and fashionable outfits for casual everyday, and evaluating/planning your wardrobe. I love your honesty about your struggles and triumphs with exercise, figure flaws, and embracing aging! On the flip side, for me, I’ve almost quit using Facebook, and am not interested in supplements or similar products. These may be great for others, but you asked for our two cents’, so here it is! I can’t wait to see what you have for us in 2019!

  11. I would prefer stick with fashion, including more for 60-70-80 year olds with less emphasis on “youthful” and more on comfort, ease, classics and such. I am a professional working woman and appreciate any flattering work wear. More on flattering looks for different body types would be great.
    I skip any posts about news, skincare, medical (especially!) etc. I don’t see them as your mission or expertise; I don’t appreciate the “advertisements” for products, and there are plenty of other sites with experts in those areas.

  12. I really like when you review beauty products you actually have tried. I have ordered several things based on your recommendations. I’m a over 65er, lol, but I enjoy keeping up to date on things appropriate to my age group too.

  13. As you know, I’ve been a long time follower of your blog and I thoroughly enjoy it. I especially loved your “I Matter” posts and would love to see you revive that series even if only on an occasional basis. I loved seeing what other women wear and learning a bit about their lives and their challenges. I have recommended your blog to my readers twice in posts about my favourite fashion blogs for women “of a certain age” and I would certainly recommend it to friends. I agree with Linmarie that I prefer fashion posts. I either skim over or entirely skip most of the posts that are health or product related.

  14. Ditto to wearing the same piece for different looks and also a tour of your closet and how you organize it. Another idea would be to show the basic items “everyone should own if you don’t have much closet space. Many thanks to you Pam

  15. I am well over 60 and retired. I still have trouble transitioning from business attire and suits to what to wear for my grandkids soccer, swim and school events. Every day is an “outfit” day to me. I appreciate your advice on wearing jeans and casual but pulled together outfits. I also always overpack and tips on multipurpose items and classics are great…so are sales alerts. I wouldn’t participate in facebook dialog, it breeds catty comments and grandstanding diatribe.

  16. More for 60+, thinning hair, skip “advertisements” for products, it’s hard to know if something really works or not when they are all affiliate links,
    I am facebook free and intend to stay that way

  17. Oh yes! to a group page! Closed group, so we can ask questions and chat with each other- without feeling self-conscious.

    Would love to explore and see how other followers wear different styles/shoes/hair, etc.

    I’m 57 and it’s always a challenge to”adapt” a fun Pinterest idea to my real-life and body.

    I’m in!

  18. I am in the 60+ age group & retired. I would like to see more on at home & casual wear. Even though I have been retired almost nine years, I am still struggling with that transition from working world to mostly stay at home wife & casual outing person. I like to look nice even at home but still need to be comfortable.

    I think you do a great job, Pam.

  19. Just keep doing what you are doing. On top of that…One thing I like to learn about is how to camouflage …my tummy, my waist rolls,my chest to minimize.
    Can you help?

  20. I like to learn more about fashion and beauty for women over 60. I especially like it when you show clothes and jewelry from Chicos and Macys. Your recipes are also appreciated. I don’t read the “Would you Wear it?” posts by you or Jennifer, but I know others like those. Thank you for your blog. I enjoy it.

  21. 70+ reader here … I’ve been reading your posts for two or three years. I’m long retired, would live in my jeans all the time if I could (and come close), and the bright colors that suit you totally wash me out. But I like your attitude toward life and the changes it brings, your candor about the challenge of staying “young” to retain credibility as well as authority in the workplace, some of the pictures of your local scene — reminders of the variety available to us. I quit Facebook several months ago and am not tempted to go back; it was just too pushy. Agree with some other commenters that I prefer fashion and lifestyle posts to health and product ones.

  22. Hi Pamela, this is the first time I’ve written a comment, I really enjoy your blog. I’m 66, very fashion conscious ( in a comfortable way), I appreciate your posts on this subject, and also the ones on what I would call theories of life. “Choose joy” was wonderful, you have a beautiful smille which makes me want to “keep on smiling”……

  23. I love “Would You Wear It”. I’m interested in 60+ fashion, & casual, classic pieces. My husband & I have significantly downsized, so I’d like more instruction on creating a capsule wardrobe & using classic pieces in multiple ways.
    I’m very active on Facebook & would join your group.
    I really appreciate the effort you put into your blog & look forward to your posts in 2019!

  24. I am 57 and love your fashion, lifestyle & health information. I am a professional & appreciate looks for work & casual.

  25. I am 56 and enjoy your blog. I am also interested to read something about being single and finding a good companionship at this age. Being fashionable helps! Just curious if this will be an interesting topic for others.

  26. I am 56 and Interested to open a topic on dating after 50. Getting confident by looking fashionable and feeling good about yourself helps!

  27. Hi Pam! I would love to join a Facebook group! I enjoy everything about your blog because you are so down to earth and yet very classy! Please keep doing all that you’re doing now! Happy New Year!

  28. Happy New Year, Pam! I like the “Would you wear it?” series. I would be interested in special occasion looks – how to build a capsule wardrobe for special occasions or what special occasion pieces you feel are the most versatile. I am also interested in your fitness journey and any tips you have for starting and maintaining an exercise routine and staying motivated and how to set goals and making smart food choices. I would like a series focused on a specific piece and how to style different looks. Finally, it would be interesting to see how your wardrobe pie is divided – what type of items do you have and how many items of each do you have and color palette and why.

  29. Thanks for asking! Love your style. I am retired and no longer need work clothing but I still want to look polished. I’d also like to see how to style items in multiple ways, and a look into how you organize your closet.

  30. I love your blog! I am 65, so concentrating over 60 appeals to me the most. I love your clothing ideas! I am about your size, and have ordered a couple of things already at your suggestion. I just found you about 6 weeks ago, so am looking forward to what 2019 brings. I enjoy “would you wear it”, but really it is the clothes that you are wearing that inspires me.

    I am in the midst of a divorce (44 years of marriage), and am moving to a 55+ community, so any ideas for starting over would be helpful. There are alot of activities here, so I will probably be fine, but any bits of wisdom you can impart would be great!!

  31. Hi Jane, So glad you are here! I think if you take time for yourself and work to be confident with who you are then reaching out in a new place should be much easier. We will discuss confident style alot here. Thanks for the ideas and for sharing your journey. Let me know if we can help in any way.

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