Happy Friday, everyone.  I know I have been a little off the radar this week, but for two weeks I have been fighting a bronchial infection and it worsened this week.  This picture was from the same time last year…still love this Talbot’s faux fur vest.

These have been my beauty treatments and, eventually, the doctor added an antibiotic to the mix.  That is why I was unable to do a photography session for posts.  But, I will return next week.  While sitting in the waiting room at the doctor, I noticed their Christmas tree.

The front of the tree was beautiful and the back of the tree was bare.  My first thought was…I feel like this half- dressed tree…kind of sad.  Something I noticed the last two weeks is how easy it is to fall into negative thinking when we are sick.  Typically, I do not result to thinking negative of myself any longer, but this lingering sickness had me looking in the mirror often and thinking….

  1. I am so fat
  2. I am so old
  3. I am ugly

I finally caught myself and realized I was allowing this to happen more lately…just because I wasn’t feeling good.  So, I mentally have thrown up a STOP sign and am now aware.  I tell you this story so that you will be aware also.  Do not allow your “sick” times to cause you to get down on everything about you.  Also, though still not feeling 100%, I decided to make myself “dress my entire tree.”  It is amazing how it will help us feel better when we still take time for hair, makeup and nice clothing.  It does help a little…at least with attitude. We should not allow anything to rob our joy and force us into negativity.   I am done with the negative messages in my head and so glad I noticed it.

I hope all of you are well and feeling great!  I am still looking for gift ideas for you and have some in the slideshow below! Make sure you check out extra savings for a few of these retailers!  See you tomorrow for a different WOULD YOU WEAR IT….


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