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I am so glad to return today to WOULD YOU WEAR IT with my friend, Jennifer Connolly.  It seems this collaboration is well liked and we want to continue it for those of you who look forward to Saturday and to see what mannequins we have posted for you.  If you are new….here is how it works.  Jennifer and I each select a style we discover while out and about, ask you if you would wear it, and then ask that you explain your answer of why yes or no.  The audience learns from one another and gets to see how other women feel about current trends and styles.

So, look this one over, comment, and then hop over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her selection.  So, let’s begin………………….look above and tell us


Now, there are so many crazy sales out there right now and some of you may have holiday money for shopping.  I have found some fun selections and placed them in a slide show below.  So, glad to be back and ready for a new year!



  1. The only thing I like about this outfit is the fabric of the blouse. The texture looks nice.

    Otherwise, it’s a big no! I don’t like the print on the blouse (I lived through the 60s and once was enough). I don’t care for the waistband on the pants as it sticks out and doesn’t lie flat. The color combo of the top and pants is not a good one either.

    Even though I don’t care for this outfit, I do like this feature, Pam!

  2. Glad to see that Would You Wear It is back!!
    This outfit is a No for me. The blouse reminds me of something that I wore in the 70’s, which is not a fashion period that I want to return to. I don’t like the color of the pants, and they’re just too wide so those are out too.

  3. I’d wear the pants if they were black or midnight blue. This color shown, I would walk right past. It might work with a different top, but this color, to me, makes the pants appear to be poor quality. I do like the style of them. The top is just “no.” I don’t like the colors enough to look past to the style of it. With the blue pants, to me it is jarring and looks thrown together. I’m not sure where you could wear this, as shown. The top would look better if the pants were black. But I’m not a fan of the print and would not wear any of this as shown!

  4. Um…no! The print and colors in the blouse would not flatter my skin tone. Also, I rarely tuck in blouses unless I wear a belt and a jacket or sweater. The pants look as if they would show every lump and bump…and my hips are not my ‘trouble’ area. Also, who puts these outfits together. These two pieces do not remotely go together in my opinion.

  5. No to the top. Too loud. Lived through the psychedelic colours of the 60’s and 70’s. Also it takes a special person to wear such a look-at-me getup. Enjoy your feature!

  6. Yes to the cobalt blue flowy pants; No to the warm hue print blouse! Would prefer a top in a a blue print or a solid blue with a statement necklace in silver.

  7. I might wear the pants. I’d have to try them on. But the blouse is a big no. I don’t look good in those colors and it just doesn’t seem to go with the pants.

  8. I laughed when I read the previous comments! I too thought of the 60s and 70s when I saw this and miss the use of colour we used to see. I find a lot of what I see today is drab and boring. Having said that, the warm tones of the shirt aren’t flattering for me and the pants I like but probably wouldn’t suit my heavy thighs. Now if this was the 70s, count me in. ?

  9. OMG no – this is my mother in the sixties…styles were bad then and worse now when they try to resurrect them!

  10. I would not wear either and especially not together. Even on the skinny manikin the pants look like they show every bump. Although I like pattern that one is very loud.

  11. The colors of the blouse would not be flattering with my coloring at all and it is not a print I would pick. The pants unfortunately look cheap to me the way the waistband sticks out on the mannequin. I looked up the brand and realized that it isn’t cheap at all. The stylist should have done a better job with the display IMO. I’d like the pants in a darker color though but I’m not sure I would look good in them.

  12. The blouse is too warm toned for my complexion. I do think it has a “Saturday Night Fever” vibe which appeals for nostalgic reasons but not for practical ones. I’m not revisiting this trend but think younger women may love it.

  13. NO! This is definitely a 60s look and I have no interest in going back to the fashions of that decade. The fabrics look clingy and though I do want to add a bit more colour to my wardrobe, that colour combination is way to bold for me.

  14. We’ve missed you! No to this outfit for me: the busy pattern of the blouse and bright color in the pants isn’t appealing (and they don’t seem to go together) I rarely wear a blouse tucked in without a third piece (vest, cardigan, jacket, etc) And the pants appear poorly made (waistband and what is that lump about fingertip length down both legs?)

  15. Like the others, I thought this outfit was a picture out of the 70s! I rather like the colour of the pants, though they look rather shapeless. The shirt is too loud for me. So, I guess it’s a ‘no’ for me as well! 🙂

  16. No, I would not wear this outfit ever. The blouse color does not go at all with the pants. And the pants are not flattering with the bulky waistband.

    And what happened to the mannequin? Her knees (or the bumps that I assume are knees) are way too high for her legs. That makes her lower legs incredibly long and her thigh area very short. Or maybe she’s wearing extremely high heels? In any case, it looks very strange. Certainly not a flattering way to try to sell an outfit.

  17. My goodness. The mannequin has Wile E. Coyote thighs (after he took the Acme vitamins). I can’t imagine how those pants would look on me!

  18. The pants look bad on the mannequin. What’s with the front thigh lumps? Imagine how bad they would look on a real person with less-than-perfect legs? No on the blouse, too. The print is too busy with colors that clash with each other. The 60s styles were loud and busy, but they tended to have self-harmonizing color.

  19. I would try it….I would pair it with a classic black blazer OR long black sweater. I love that shade of blue. The colors in the blouse are not ones I gravitate it, but I still like it and would try it. Trousers with a beautiful statement blouse with simple jewelry and a a classic blazer or long cardigan is a great look that I wear often.

  20. It is a no for me. As several others have noted, it reminds me of something I might have worn in the 70s, & I am not eager to return to that time period. It would definitely not be flattering to my body at this point in my life.

  21. I do love me some blue…but this royal blue needs to be toned down with a neutral colored top…either a rich gray or a deep black. The blouse is pretty! I’d pair the top with boyfriend jeans & booties..or maybe black jeans and a cute jean-jacket! Both pieces are quite pretty, but a little too much to be paired. I like both, but I believe I would have to pair each with something that is the co-star to these show-stoppers!

  22. I actually like the blouse. I think of wild print blouses like this more like a scarf. Therefore, I would wear it under a jacket or cardigan with black slacks or jeans. The blue pants don’t seem to go with any color in the blouse. The bright print and bright pants fight for attention.

  23. I watched Saturday Night Fever last night, and those pants are exactly the style that Tony (John Travolta) wore. They looked great on him but I cannot envision them on me! In addition, I find the color pairing of the pants and blouse jarring.

  24. I would wear the pants, if they were tailored to fit me as a “petite”. All of us under 5’5 or so have to be extra careful regarding tailoring of pants and jackets in particular! Love the color. The shirt, like just about everyone else, gets a NO vote from me, however. Besides being a bit loud, I’m a winter so the colors would look hideous on me.

  25. I like the blouse but the pants are a no-go for me.
    If they don’t even look good on the mannequin why bother to try them on?

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