I am so glad to return today to WOULD YOU WEAR IT with my friend, Jennifer Connolly.  It seems this collaboration is well liked and we want to continue it for those of you who look forward to Saturday and to see what mannequins we have posted for you.  If you are new….here is how it works.  Jennifer and I each select a style we discover while out and about, ask you if you would wear it, and then ask that you explain your answer of why yes or no.  The audience learns from one another and gets to see how other women feel about current trends and styles.

So, look this one over, comment, and then hop over to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her selection.  So, let’s begin………………….look above and tell us


Now, there are so many crazy sales out there right now and some of you may have holiday money for shopping.  I have found some fun selections and placed them in a slide show below.  So, glad to be back and ready for a new year!


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